Non-invasive cost deals face lift facial treatment Sydney

If you are after a fantastic non-invasive face lift, you have come to the right place. We love doing this treatment as we get so many referrals from it. What makes our exclusive treatment better? Probably the number one reason is this treatment is all about you. While many clinic’s will only use one machine, we use many. The reason for that is different machines do some thing better than others.

So why not use the best machine for the job? Simple really, use the best machine for the job. You wouldn’t use a tack hammer to break up a brick wall? Other clinic’s either don’t have the machines, or the experience to do what we do. Note your treatment may differ from the standard treatment because of a number of factors. We are not cutting corners it’s more about getting the best results for you.

The Treatment

In general the treatment consists of the following;

  1. Clean and exfoliate the skin
  2. Use a combination of HIFU, fractional RF and RF
  3. Oxygen therapy and serums to pump the serum into the skin
  4. LED light therapy

The Details

We clean the skin with and exfoliate to get rid of any dead skin, grim or pollutants. Then we use a combination of HIFU with one or two different heads to treat different depths. Next comes fractional RF and RF this is where you start to see the results. We then combine one of a number of exclusive serums, that are pumped into the skin using oxygen therapy. This is finished with oxygen therapy.

At this point you will notice the difference, note it keeps getting better for six months or more.

So if this sounds great then why not make a booking today.

* note the treatment may vary, to give you the safest most effective treatment.

Advantages over Surgery

Almost zero recovery time, no anesthetic, no skin penetration, almost zero chance of infection. We have some great deals on it right now, this really is a low cost safe and effective alternative.

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