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Herbal Anti-cellulite Oil Remove Toxins Tone & Firm Sydney

herbal anti-cellulite oil remove toxins tone & firm 43ml

Herbal Anti-cellulite Oil Remove Toxins Tone & Firm Sydney


Product Description

Herbal ANTI-CELLULITE OIL Sydney to Remove Toxins, Tone & Firm

Cellulite Relief Sydney Wellness Oil

Herbal anti-cellulite oil remove toxins tone & firm. This Powerful Blend of Essential Oils Helps tone and firm the body while reducing Cellulite.

It’s obvious why so many women want to eliminate or reduce their cellulite. A Whether you agree or not, women with smooth skin enjoy a whole list of benefits from getting more attention from men to having higher self-confidence. A For many women the benefits cellulite reduction with Natural Essential Oils far outweigh the costs. Which are minimal compared with other options such as surgery.

Anti-Cellulite oil heal your physical body while treating your emotional needs to an aroma therapeutic caress!

Made without harmful synthetic ingredients. The botanicals in anti-cellulite herbal oil are easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Where they are transported to the organs and systems, making the effects almost instantaneous.

Gently massage into affected areas daily.

Our Wellness Oils Are Blended From
The World’s Purest Natural Essential Oils

The Power of our anti-ageing Blended Oils: Individual Essential Oils are often very powerful. But, when carefully blended, their individual properties can be greatly enhanced. The “blended” oils become much more powerful than the individual oils. This is what creates the incredibly strong therapeutic benefits of our Oils. Each of our Oils are carefully blended for a specific problem or health benefit and named accordingly. Our oils are of a high concentration, to use in small quantities; massage a few drops into a specific area.

Our oils come in a beautiful Cobalt Blue bottle (to protect your precious oil from direct light) with a with a disc dispenser cap.

We recognize the true value of pristine botanical ingredients. Search worldwide for the very best quality essential oils to use in our blends. WE craft all our aromatherapy blends from 100% pure natural aromatherapy grade essential oils and other herbal ingredients, plant oils and organic herbs. Our oils are environmentally friendly as a flower petal, vegan, completely biodegradable and always free of any synthetic fragrances, colorants, pesticides or preservatives.

Many massage therapists, acupuncturists, and spas use our oils in their treatments.

I suffer the bane of most 40+ year olds “Wrinkles” or to use a gentler term “Fine Lines”. My husband, approaching 50, exercises like he’s 30 and ends up with sore muscles. My 17 year old daughter suffers from eczema on her neck and arms. After a recommendation, from a friend of my daughter, I decided to try your Wellness Oils.

When my husband saw them he called me a Hippy. He now keeps a bottle of the Sore Muscle Relief in his briefcase at all times and calls me Nurse Betty. 🙂 My daughter’s eczema has almost disappeared and the fine lines (particularly around my mouth) are actually starting to fade. Thank you for these wonderful oils.Nurse Betty, Lake Tahoe, NV

Size: 43ml herbal anti-cellulite oil remove toxins tone & firm


  • Infused oils of sweet almond, camellia, jojoba and safflower
  • Essential oils of basil, juniper berry, clary sage, peppermint, black pepper, lavender, grapefruit & chinese weeping cypress
  • Oatmeal
  • Calendula
  • and nothing else



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