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YAG diode IPL laser hair removal Sydney #1 best safe cheap

YAG diode IPL laser hair removal Sydney #1 best safe cheap

YAG diode IPL laser hair removal Sydney #1 best safe cheap. YAG hair removal laser for any location, underarms, back, full body, chest and more. How does YAG laser hair removal laser differ to IPL hair removal? Both systems user high energy pluses to heat up the hair follicle. YAG is effective dark skin types 4 and 5 people and better targets the hair. IPL has better coverage per shot i.e. treats a bigger area in one go. YAG targets the hair follicle directly which can avoid epidermis damage.

Note we have ordered a new laser hair removal machine that covers Alexandrite, diode and YAG wavelengths and is capable of using all three wavelengths at once. One frequently asked question is permanent hair reduction? It is as permanent hair reduction that the body will allow. The body is very good at poking up hair follicles from where they have never been before.

After treatment apply a sun screen, avoid strenuous exercise and swimming.

Clinical Study Findings IPL verse YAG

We have included links to two studies on the subject on the right.

Both studies revealed comparable results in hair reduction efficiency. We have been unable to find any long-term studies for Nd:YAG hair removal. We can provide clear results for both treatments at the 6 month post-treatment.

Study Results

Eleven subjects described the YAG treatment as more intense and painful than Intense Pulsed Light, but both were tolerable. Six weeks post treatment a reduction in hair regrowth was recorded for both types of treatment, higher for YAG 73% compared to 64% for IPL.

No side effects were observed for YAG, but some of the subjects experienced pigmentation changes for IPL. Three subjects experienced blistering followed by post-inflammatory pigmentation for IPL. The final results of the study determine that while both treatments are safe for darker skin types, the efficacy and safety of the YAG is higher than IPL.


While both YAG laser and IPL have been proven to be safe for use on all skin types, based on clinical study results, the YAG laser is a clear leader in terms of efficacy in hair regrowth reduction and safety on darker skins.

Although we can find no long-term results for YAG laser on any skin types, the results yielded from different studies provide us with the conclusion that the YAG laser type is more effective as well as safer on darker skins.

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YAG diode IPL laser hair removal Sydney #1 best safe cheap

YAG diode IPL laser hair removal Sydney #1 best safe cheap

YAG diode IPL laser hair removal #1 best safe cheap

YAG laser hair removal Sydney

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NCBI Study YAG verse IPL

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