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Guinot Heliabrine Payot Facials Sydney #1 dermacare and beauty

At Xara's salon, we like to give you a choice in your facial treatment designed for you and your derma. As well as stocking our fantastic Xara's, clinic strength range of stock. We stock Guinot, Heliabrine and Payot. We have years of experience in cutting-edge facial treatments body treatments and skin, it's what we do.

Our offerings


We are experts at giving you world-famous offers such as Guinot and combining them with our famous treatments. Or we can do a Guinot facial by the Guinot book. If you choose, we can give you a custom, just for you and for your derma. When you come to Xara's you are in control of your treatment. We will ensure you get the finest effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.


If you are a Heliabrine facial person, we offer you your favourite. We can offer one of our many world-class facials using your favourite products or do it by the book. Either way, you will get an amazing outcome. You might want to combine your facial with light, laser, RF, or Thermagie-CPT.


If for you this is the only way to go, not a problem. we can supply you with a world-class outcome to go with world-class offerings. We can do it by the book, combine it with one of ours or do a custom facial. You are the one in charge, all we can guarantee is you will get a magnificent anti-ageing outcome.


Where we use our natural organics which are free from nasty chemicals and colourings, they do not have fillers, what you see on the label is what you get. They are not oily, and they hydrate the derma. Our customers love them and can't get enough of them. They are made in the USA, by our trusted supplier. You choose which one you would like.

We are experts in fine lines and crinkles removal, body care, lip care, caring for skin cells, removing dark spots, no waxing tinting, and much more. If you are looking to care for a loved one we have gift vouchers you can see in our shop online.

You can book online or over the phone, where you can get expert advice on your caring, anti-aging and beauty. Ask us about our gift card and help a loved one fight the signs of ageing.

We have so many options

We can do better for you, we have HIFU, fractional laser, RF care body, and much more. In just a few hours we can take years off your look. Age lines are not a problem for us. Why not book a free consultation with us today? Where experts can recommend the leading treatments for your skin type.

Come and see us, we have stacks of three-hour parking just across the lane way from us. Do you shop in Lane Cove and visit us on the same trip? Or come to one of our sublime restaurants in Lane Cove, why not make a day of it?

Guinot Heliabrine Payot Facials Sydney

Our oxygen hydro jet remove dead skin cells and provide great rejuvenation time

Guinot Heliabrine Payot Facials Sydney #1 skincare and beautySpecial Heliabrine Payot salon healthy deep cleansing solutions

Skin beautiful for your sensitive skin types and skin concerns

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Super facial pamper from the masters near me #1 fantastic outcome
Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Supper facial pamper from the masters near me #1 fantastic outcome. We have some superb organic serums that don't harm animals or the planet.

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Sublime oxy hydra jet peels exfoliation pampering near you #1 derma results

Sublime oxy hydra jet peels exfoliation pampering near you #1 derma results. We have some amazing organic product without fillers or chemicals at low prices.

What is you price range?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Our prices start at $49 for a hydro to $1599 for a high intensity focused ultrasound full face neck face lift.

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Come and visit us, customers who require more than one treatment, ask us for a package price. We are one of the North Shore’s finest secrets. Customers that can't find us, remember second-floor access via Birdwood Ln or watch this. Click Here.

Come and see us, we are one of Lane Cove's top secrets. We are one of the leading, one-stop salons, SPA and dermacare clinics near you.