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The reason many clinics only have diode lasers for hair and skin treatment is quite simple. IPL Intense pulsed light advanced technology does a better job for 80% of customers, but for that 20% and you can only afford one device then they go for a diode, We have four devices, and don't mind which one you choose, they all give an awesome conclusion.

IPL treatment is not a laser, it is an extraordinarily strong precise pulse. The beam is very powerful, it heats up the melanin resulting in it destroying the follicles. Energy, frequency, and duration are very carefully controlled which prevents burns to the skin. In the last 20 years, it has proven itself to be a safer, reliable offering that works to clean away hair. But what you might not know is it is also a fight against ageing, it stimulates collagen, and elastin and is skin-lifting. Wow, all that from one treatment.


It is very strong, hence, to protect your eyes we require our clientele to wear protection. We cover the areas with a cool layer of gel. Next, we touch the applicator to the skin and fire the beam. This heats up the melanin, which heats the follicles and destroys them. The process is repeated to cover the whole area. The firing of the applicator may end in a slight flicking sensation, it should not cause pain. When the session is complete, we clean away the gel and moisturise it.

Over a period of a few weeks, the follicle in the treated area falls out. After completion of the session, some customers' skin can have redness. In most cases, it will disappear in a few hours. Each treatment can take between 15 minutes to half an hour, depending on how large the treated areas are.

Am I suitable for it?

Clientele that is fair-skinned and dark-haired is ideal for hair removal. Carefully researched settings can achieve wonderful conclusions for different hair and skin types. The darker the more efficient it is. As it means more melanin, it will heat up more easily. The fairer it is the less melanin and is harder to get rid of. It cannot effectively extract grey/white follicles because it does not contain melanin.

What will I see afterwards?

The heat damages the follicles, some hairs will remain in the follicles. It will fall out after 1 - 3 weeks as the epidermis renews. They can appear to grow as a new epidermis pushes them out. At this stage, they are loose in the follicle and it is possible to easily pull them out with tweezers.

In conclusion, it reduces and expels unrequired hair.

How many sessions are necessary?

It will only affect hair in the active growth stage, which means multiple treatments. You will need the treatment every 2-8 weeks, dependent on the treatment and outcomes. The treatment is stopped after a satisfactory conclusion and it is gone. The number of sessions varies.

You may require 6 or more laser clinic treatments to achieve the maximum end result and long-term removal. Ask us for package pricing. Contact us, and make an appointment to come to our shop in Lane Cove.

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We offer you a complimentary consultation. You can make one here or over the phone. To make it easy for you there are stacks of three-hour underground parking just across the lane from us.


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Awesome painless cures for the reduction of hairs near me
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Awesome painless cures for the reduction of hairs near me. We are experts in providing the safest and successful outcome that really work. Make a booking now.

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No Pain fantastic solution deplete hair's near you come and see us. We are your local experts in offerings to clear away hair's. Make a booking now.

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Yes, we have 500 underground parks across the street.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal Sydney real amazing results fantastic reviews

IPL laser removal hair Sydney

As permanent hair reduction as bodies will allow, bodies are very good at poking up where has never grown before

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Better treatments mean fewer treatments, which saves you time and money. We do that by having the best and latest machines to be hairless. Delivering the resolution for you, which is what you expect from Xara Skin Clinic.

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Before your commences, we provide you with a full complimentary consultation. It identifies your expectations and explains what it involves, so it is simple to understand. A medical history is taken to confirm your suitability for our services laser hair removal treatments and skin treatments. Clientele that wishes to continue need to complete an informed consent form. We apply a test patch, to make sure your skin has an adverse reaction to it.

No injectables, why? Because we have better skin rejuvenation treatments that fix the problem rather than hide it.

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For unwanted hair follicle depletion technology, ask us for a package price.

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  • waxing, why? Because waxing is painful