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EMS Electrical muscle stimulation Sydney #1 body transformation

Ever wondered how the A-listers get their abdomen? Well, let me tell you in most cases it's not exercise. They have a secret weapon, muscle stimulation EMS. We have years of expertise in helping you remove fatty tissue while doing nothing more than watching Youtube.

What is it and what does it do?

In essence, the device uses electric energy to move your muscles for you. Yes, it uses the same type of electric energy you create to move your muscles and burn fat.

What that means is you can be hooked up, lay down, and read a book and the machines give your abdomen a good workout. Sound a bit like fat freezing or laser liposuction? Science has found yet another shortcut to getting that fantastic look. Non-invasive sculpt treatment to improve core strength and increase sports performance, with minimal effort.

The latest in EMT technology

We have just ordered our new EMT to help you lose fat around your targeted areas.

  • It is personalised for your fitness level and goals
  • We can treat your abdomen, arms, legs,  butt, glutes, or thighs
  • Three modes, slimming and building
  • Comfortable treatment with no downtime
  • Most customers get fantastic outcomes in just a few treatments
  • EMS training, train harder with stimulating fast results
  • Full bodily safe target muscle groups with electric impulses
  • Personal training without the personal trainer, short session
  • Strengthen training improves blood circulation
  • Bodily workout and weight loss, highly effective
  • Reduce fat and increase muscular stimulating
  • The benefits of stimulating training increase the number of fibres
  • Start EMS training, and experience this, people find muscle results in no time
  • Strength and high endurance training painless
  • Electric stimulating of fibres amazing contractions
  • Increased contractions high strength and mass
  • EMS training reduces bodily fat, painless
  • Fit in multiple sessions in a week, 30-minute sessions for your fitness goals,
  • achieve in a week what you couldn't do in a month in the gym

To learn more

To learn more about this and any other non-invasive treatment, why not make a booking here, by email, or on the phone for a complimentary consultation today?

How does HL EMT work burn fat and create muscle

EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation Sydney 1 Body Shaping

EMS the easy way to a better look near me #1 Sculpting
Thank you from Xara Skin Clinic we value you for choosing us

EMS the easy way to a better look near me #1 Sculpting. Ever wondered how the A listers get their abdomen? Well let me tell you in most cases it's not exercising.

Service Type: EMS for men and women

Price: 99

Currency: AUD

Get the bodily shaping outcome you want without the sweat

Get the bodily shaping outcome you want without the sweat. Non invasive contouring supramaximal muscle contractions, tangible benefits.

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EMS electrical muscle stimulation Sydney #1 body transformation

Contouring no crunches or squats


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Latest Machines

Our newer machine has arrived, with five pads, of which four can be used at once. Two of the pads are flat and amazing for flat areas. Two are curved and superb for arms and legs. The third pad is a seated pad, great for the pelvic floor and virginal tightening, treatments that work.

Special Price

Why not take advantage of our introductory special price of only $99 for a 30-minute session? When it first came in I had 5 minutes on the abdomen and it felt like I just had an hour workout. This is not a toy that you can get sent via post, it weighs more than 50 kg.

What does it feel like?

Well, it's a bit weird, you lie down, and the pads are placed where you are looking to treat. The machine is started and your muscles go ballistic with contractions. For both slow and fast twitch muscles. I tried my abs and stopped after five or ten minutes. After I stopped it my abs felt like they had an hour or so working out in the gym.

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