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Weight Loss from Fat Removal Sydney Fat Freezing Treatment 1

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Weight Loss from Fat Removal Sydney Fat Freezing Treatment 1

Weight Loss from Fat Removal Sydney Fat Freezing Treatment 1

Body sculpting treatment

Fat Freezing Treatment - Weight Loss from Fat Removal Sydney. Do you have stubborn fat or hard to move fat? Would you like to target an area to get rid of unwanted fat? We are the experts in skin care body sculpting reducing fat in Sydney. Our cool sculpting treatment is second to none. We can remove your love handles, flatten your belly. To get rid of your unwanted fat. Our non-surgical non-invasive freezing fat machine is effective. We know we use it on ourselves. Our photos are of real people using our machine. The treatments skin reducing fat results are real.

Free Consultation

We offer a body sculpting free consultation where you get a treatment plan. We identify the body sculpting treatment area and areas of the body to treat. Go over the what the treatment feels like and any possible side effect and recovery. You get to ask an expert any questions. If you decide freezing fat is not for you. We can offer other effective non-surgical non-invasive reduce fat treatments. Such as laser liposuction or fat cavitation. As we have stated we are the experts in the field.

Healthy life style

While we encourage our customers to have a healthy life style. Sometimes diet and exercise is not enough to move fat from those hard to move areas. You might require a little help. You will be happy

The process

The process of freezing fat is quite simple. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than other cells. The body contouring freezing fat machine is under computer control to deliver precise warm and cold temperatures. It lowers the temperature to the point the fat cells freeze. The fat cells die ready for the body to remove via the lymphatic system  and metabolic process. It takes a few weeks for the body to remove the dead fat cells. Diet and exercise can help accelerate the process.

Good news

There is more good news the freezing skin treatments are also a skin tightening treatment. Ask us about our double chin sculpting.

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Please remember if you are unsure of a treatment or have questions, all you have to do is ask our expert staff. We are here to help you and; We make you look and feel fabulous.

Wikipedia freezing fat

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Freezing fat vs liposuction

The consulting procedure  has many advantages over invasive reduce fat such as liposuction. One of the problem with liposuction is you get left with pockets of fat, which makes little lumps. There is little risk of damage to tissue. Little or no risk of infection. Zero down time, walk in get the treatment and walk out. It is a very cost effective treatment, compared to liposuction. Non-invasive non-surgical fat reduction really is the way to go.

Give it a go, we can treat double chin with our skin tightening treatments. Don't forget to check our specials page for great deals on diode laser hair removal, body shaping and much more. All this without the need for any medical grade voodoo or chicken bones.

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