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We are near the CBD, but we have parking. There is a growing base of customers with fungal infection nail problems. With are generally caused by moist environments. Nail polish will not fix the problem, only hide it. Clinically proven studies research states a nail laser treatment is more effective than topical solutions.

This is an effective painless cold laser treatment. That uses a painting technique to apply several shots per second across the level of the whole nail, cuticle, and nail folds. The laser is shot over the nail in five passes. With a 4mm spot and short sub-millisecond pluses. Side effects of this fungal nail treatment, well close to zero recovery period, ask me when I have time to think of any.

We have our 980 laser which is a very effective fungal nail treatment. We use this in conjunction with our fungal infections cream. It is a case of belts and braces. If one fails the other will catch it.

If left untreated it can cause side effects such as heel pain, and heel pain is not nice. It makes walking hard at the very least.

How does a YAG laser work on onychomycosis?

The exact mechanism of fungus (onychomycosis) fungal nail infection treatment is not known. Heating the fungus is one major factor. Introducing a sub-millisecond pulse adds a “photo-acoustic” effect to the nail bed. Weakening the cell structure of the fungus.

A series of flashes of the laser's light is aimed across the nail, including the nail folds. The derma immediately surrounds the sides and base of the nail. This heats up and destroys the fungus that is present. To ensure complete coverage, a series of pulses repeats four times. The individual flashes overlap each other.

It really is that easy, why not book online for your toenails laser treatment complimentary consultation today, here, via email, or on the phone?

Why fix it?

From the Mayo Clinic Patients

"A severe case of nail fungus can be painful and may cause permanent damage to your nails. And it may lead to other serious infections that spread beyond your foot or feet if you have a suppressed immune system due to medication, diabetes, or other conditions."

While your fungus might not be causing you a problem now it can come back to bite you if you don't fix it. You really have a simple infection treatment to get you on the right path. The quicker you fix it the quicker to can get back to displaying your nails or toenails without embarrassment.

If you are driving forget about the CBD and come to Lane Cove. You can do it online or contact us over the phone.

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Laser fungal nail removal treatment Sydney best #1 get ridFungal nail infections laser removal treatment Sydney

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Fungal toenail fungus infection before and after toenail fungus conditions, a little bit of nail growth, and after a few months it's gone.

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Nail fungus infections laser therapy near me finest #1 exterminate
Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Nail fungus infections laser therapy near me finest #1 exterminate. Removing your fungal concern quickly and effectively. Don't delay treating it.

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Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

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