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Non-invasive vagina tightening Sydney better pelvic floor

As with everything, technology moves on. Even though our EMS device is only six months old the devices have evolved. While we are still getting great results and customers are really happy with the results. We can now offer better and more EMS treatments. Our machine can tighten the vagina and strengthen the pelvis's diaphragm which can help with leakages. All with a non-surgical non-intrusive vaginal tightening.

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How does it work?

With electrical muscle stimulation, how does it differ from exercise? Well, there are a number of factions with make 30 minutes of EMS equal the same as 5.5 hours of exercise *. How is that so? During exercise, the contractions are typical at only 20 to 30% *. With EMS the contractions far exceed this to give you better contractions. Which helps you build muscles and get rid of fat. All with no gym in sight.

Pelvis diaphragm

If you have been to the doctor and the doctor has given you pelvis diaphragm or floor exercises. Because of symptoms of leakage, urinary incontinence, vaginal tightening, stress urinary, and childbirth, this post-natal treatment could help you get back to normal.

Non-intrusive lifting of the tissue wall. All this a warp speed while reading a book or on the phone. It could help with sexual activity and quality of life.

This could help with stress urinary incontinence treatment, and bladder and bowel control. This is not a recommended treatment during pregnancy but after childbirth, can stop leakage.

This is not virgin rejuvenation, Virginia atrophy, or laser lifting to my knowledge these are intrusive treatments on the vaginal wall, ours is not. Exercise the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal muscles while reading a book.

The treatment takes half an hour with next to zero post-treatment side effects.

Get the body you have always wanted

Why not get the body you have always wanted in record time with little effort? One 30-minute session equates to a full day in the gym.

Sculpting you can afford

We have some great deals on EMS right now, we can treat up to four areas at once. No plastic surgery, laser treatments, or laser vaginal lifting just a natural strengthening treatment of the area which could improve sexual intercourse and sexual satisfaction.

*manufactures information claims, which in our experience is what we see.

New Device

We now have the machine and we still have the six-month-old device. What does the machine feel like and sensation? In the vendor's own words "Air-cooling and water-cooling are different, especially the customer’s feeling, air-cooling is the vibration of the whole surface, water-cooling is the centre vibration
Also, with higher frequency, the feeling will be lighter but result in better. While with low frequency, the feeling is more strong but the result not as good as high frequency."

How is it different?

The device has five pads, four can work at once. There is the seated pad, two flat pads, and two curved pads for arms and legs.

We think the machine is amazing, disclaimer might keep both machines.

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Frequently asked questions

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Electrical stimulation loss of fat gain of muscle fast

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a popular technique used in sports medicine, physical therapy, and fitness training. EMS involves applying electrical impulses to induce contractions, which can increase strength, endurance, and overall performance. EMS is often used to supplement traditional strength training or rehabilitation exercises, but it can also be used on its own to achieve fitness goals. In this article, we will explore the reasons why EMS is so effective.

  1. Increased Activation

EMS can increase activation in ways that traditional strength training cannot. Traditional strength training relies on voluntary contractions, which means that they are only activated to the extent that the individual can voluntarily activate them. EMS, on the other hand, can activate a much higher percentage of fibres, including those that are normally difficult to recruit. This increased activation can lead to greater strength gains and faster development.

  1. Reduced Risk of Injury

EMS can help to reduce the risk of injury during exercise. Because EMS can activate a greater percentage of fibres, it can help to distribute the load more evenly across the muscles, reducing the risk of strain or injury to a specific group. EMS can also be used to strengthen those that are commonly injured, such as the rotator cuff in the shoulder or the quadriceps in the knee.

  1. Improved Recovery

EMS can also decrease recovery downtime after exercise. When they are stimulated with EMS, blood flow is increased to the area, which can help to flush out metabolic waste products and deliver nutrients. This increased blood flow can help to reduce soreness and speed up the recovery process. EMS can also be used to provide passive recovery, which is stimulated without any voluntary effort on the part of the individual. This can be particularly useful for individuals who are recovering from injury or who have limited mobility.

  1. Efficiency

EMS can be a very efficient way to train. Traditional strength training often requires multiple sets and repetitions to achieve a significant training effect. EMS, on the other hand, can produce a significant training effect with just a few minutes of stimulation. This can be particularly useful for individuals who have limited time to devote to exercise, such as busy professionals or parents.

Non-invasive vagina tightening Sydney #1 best pelvic floor

EMS could give you better results than a tummy tuck

Pussy tightening better bladder control

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Get the abs you have always wanted

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EMS is the lazy way to a better body and vaginal tightening


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  1. Increased Endurance

EMS can also increase endurance. When stimulated with EMS, they are forced to contract repeatedly, which can help to build endurance. This can be particularly useful for athletes who need to maintain high levels of performance over long periods, such as marathon runners or soccer players.

  1. Versatility

EMS can be used to train a wide variety of groups. While traditional strength training typically focused on specific groups or movements, EMS can be used to train a wide variety of movement patterns. This versatility can be particularly useful for athletes or individuals who participate in a variety of sports or activities.

  1. Adaptability

EMS can be adapted to suit the needs of individuals with different fitness levels or training goals. EMS can be used to provide a low-intensity workout for individuals who are just starting out, or it can be used to provide a high-intensity workout for advanced athletes. EMS can also be used to target specific groups or movement patterns, depending on the individual's goals or needs.