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Offers personal skin care rejuvenation, laser hair removal, massage,  facial, and therapies performed by highly skilled fight age and wrinkles professionals. At Xara's, we tailor your fight age treatment to your skin type, skin concerns, fine lines wrinkles, skin tone, and problem areas.

Whether you have come for a total body experience or for one of our fantastic treatments. You will be able to relax in our opulent salon surroundings, our customers highly recommend us. We are known for our exclusive combat aging treatments and impeccable service and post-treatment care. You’ll feel welcome the moment you step through our door.

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Our Vision
To deliver world-class products and treatments that are safe and effective for you and your skin.

Our leading skin treatments include laser hair removal treatments, facial, pigmentation removal treatments, double chin, LED light therapy, laser skin tightening, and much more. We have some great specials on laser hair removal, laser hair removal skin treatments for hair-free, unwanted hair on legs, Brazilian, underarms and full body, double chin sculpting, facial brow lift, fat reduction fat cells gone, and skin tightening.

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What makes us different other than our lack of terms and conditions

What makes us different is we are a one-stop shop for all your skin care and fight aging requirements. We can do that because we have such an amazing range of skin offerings and solutions other clinics only dream of. Offering the safest and most effective skin offerings separates us from other skin clinics. No medical team cosmetic injectables anti-wrinkle dermal fillers lip instead, unlike cosmetic injectables dermal fillers lip we have real skin rejuvenation. We give our customers an experience, affordable prices a complimentary consultation, get a price on the spot, and session pricing.

We can do that

We can do that because we invest tens of thousands of dollars each year in the newest, finest derma care machines. Only with the latest and leading dermacare and skin machines can we have the treatments you deserve. Many of our treatments use multiple machines which means we give you a better solution. Not having to use one machine because that is the only machine, does not give you the prize outcome. Because we replace our machines with new machines on a regular basis, we can give better treatments and a treatment plan.

Newest machines

A newer machine delivers better results than a ten-year-old machine. We know you are after the safest and most up-to-date treatment and that is what we deliver. But, we also offer amazing value. Many of our first-time customers come from other clinics where the laser technology simply has not worked or delivered the desired outcome.

pigmentation skin tag milia mole removal Sydney

Safe and efficient mole removal

non-surgical stubborn fat removal treatments fat freezing Sydney

Fantastic offerings for shaping your body and skin

At Xara's, we have the newest skin treatments, facials, and skin, all you need in one place. Most of our offerings and products cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Options Includes

Anti-aging non-surgical face-lift, rejuvenation, face neck, full face, sagging, laser hair removal Sydney skin treatments. Want to look years younger in half a day? Our combat-age non-invasive facelift really is one of our dominating therapies. It can include photo rejuvenation. The results are stunning and near-instant. For every treatment, we get two or three referrals.

We love doing this treatment because our customers are so happy with the amazing results. With light tired dull skin becomes glowing healthy skin, wrinkles disappear, and scars and imperfections are gone. All without skin needling, excessive sweating medical grade, or injections.

HIFU treatment

Non-surgical fat, stubborn fat removal, if you have fat you just can’t shift. You don’t want to spend hours in the gym. Why not try our non-surgical freezing, lipo laser, and cavitation? They are all time tested for removing fat. Why not try your fat-freezing controlled cooling treatment to kill some fat cells today?


Looking for tattoo removal for an unwanted mistake? Could it cost you your job if you don't get it removed? Would you like us to quickly, safely get it gone for you? We have state of an art laser that can remove that tattoo ink for you. We can in quickly, safely, and effectively with the most up-to-date picosecond lasers. Make a booking today for superb painless laser tattoo removal.


laser hair removal Sydney

Tired of endless long waxing or removal creams? Have you got unwanted hair? Try our laser hair removal Sydney, and get rid of it without endless sessions with just a few skin sessions. It is for most skin types including full body, full legs, brazilian underarms, and just about anywhere else. As permanent hair free as the body will allow.

Do come and see us and our professional team at Xara. We really are laser liposuction, peels, double chin, intense pulsed light IPL, microdermabrasion, facials, and skin whitening experts.

Frequently asked questions or FAQs can be found below

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Facial photo rejuvenation for acne and other skin concerns

HIFU fat removal and skin tightening Sydney

What we don't do

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We don't believe in ineffectual, risky, or painful is the way to go. This is why we don't do injectables because our offering gives you a better outcome without the risks. That is what we are about, we ensure we deliver better results for you with better aftercare.

Investing in the latest equipment can significantly enhance the performance and reputation of a laser clinic. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, providing more efficient and effective therapies for a wide range of cosmetic and medical concerns. By staying up-to-date with the newest equipment, we can offer cutting-edge treatments that deliver superior results and improve the overall customer experience.

In this article, we'll explore some of the key reasons why investing in newer equipment makes us better.

  1. Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

The best equipment is designed to be more efficient and accurate than older models. This means that treatments can be completed more quickly and with greater precision, resulting in better outcomes for you. For example, newer laser machines may have larger spot sizes or faster repetition rates, allowing treatments to be completed in fewer sessions with fewer side effects.

Expanded Therapies

  1. Newer technology offers a wider range of laser treatment alternatives than ever before. This means that a clinic can offer a more comprehensive suite of treatments, attracting more customers and increasing revenue streams. For example, some newer laser machines can treat a broader range of skin types, making them suitable for a wider range of customers. Additionally, some lasers can target multiple concerns, such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation, allowing us to offer combination treatments.
  1. Improved Comfort

The new machines are designed with comfort in mind. For example, some machines have built-in cooling systems that can help to reduce discomfort and minimise the risk of side effects. Additionally, newer machines may be less painful than older models, making treatments more tolerable.

  1. Reduced Downtime

Newer technology often requires less downtime than older models. This means that you can return to normal activities more quickly, reducing the impact on your daily life. This is particularly important for busy professionals who may not have time for extended recovery periods.

  1. Enhanced Safety

The best machines are designed with safety in mind. For example, some machines have built-in safety features that can help to reduce the risk of burns or other complications. Additionally, newer machines may be less likely to cause scarring or other long-term side effects.

  1. Improved Reputation

By investing in the later equipment, we can improve our reputation as a leading provider of treatments. You are more likely to trust a clinic that offers the newest technology and equipment, as you may believe that this indicates a commitment to providing the best possible care. Additionally, word-of-mouth recommendations can spread quickly amongst customers who have had positive experiences at our clinic, further enhancing its reputation.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Finally, us investing in the newest equipment we can provide a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. With so many clinics now offering treatments, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. By us offering the most up-to-date treatments and equipment, we can differentiate ourselves from our competitors and attract more customers as a result.

In conclusion, by us investing in up-to-date equipment, we can provide a wide range of benefits for you. From increased efficiency and accuracy to expanded treatment alternatives and improved comfort, the newer technology can significantly enhance your overall experience. Additionally, by improving our reputation and providing a competitive advantage, we can increase revenue and build a loyal customer base. For these reasons and more, by us investing in the newest laser equipment it is a smart move to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

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Want to look much younger in just a few hours? HIFU near me. Location for the highest qualified skin professionals provide the top offerings for you

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Fantastic weight loss with diet and exercise optional near you

Fantastic lose weight with diet and exercise optional near you. Location of the highest qualified skin professionals provide the finest solutions for you.

Do you do tattoo removal?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, we have the latest in picosecond lasers. Less damage to skin and faster recovery. A faster removal skin means less sessions. Less sessions mean less time and money.

How many tattoo removal sessions will I need?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

For the treatment, there are many factors for unwanted tattoos, ink age skin colour etc. It is a educated guess until we start the treatments skin process.

Will I be able to find a car space?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, we have 500 across the street from us in The Canopy.

What's involved in a skin consultation?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Are you suitable for it, pre, what's involved, what does it feel like, what are the expectants, post and any side effects. You can ask our experts questions.