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Welcome to Xara Skin Clinic #1 anti-ageing IPL laser hair tattoo removal HIFU Sydney

We are open and trading. We are taking bookings.

Please do not come in if you are feeling sick

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Anti ageing non surgical face lift Sydney

We are one of Sydney's top Beauty Salon and anti-ageing clinics

Anti-ageing IPL laser hair tattoo removal HIFU Sydney. Offers personal skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, skin treatments and beauty services performed by highly skilled anti ageing anti wrinkle professionals. At Xara's, we tailor your treatments to your skin type, skin concerns and skin problems.

Whether you have come for a total body experience or for one of our fantastic treatments. You will be able to relax in our opulent surroundings. We are known for our exclusive beauty treatments and impeccable service. You’ll feel welcome the moment you step through our door.

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Our Vision
To deliver world-class products and services that are safe and effective for you.

Our fantastic treatments include laser hair removal, skin tightening and much more. We have some great specials on legs brazilian underarms and full body laser hair removal and skin tightening.

Anti-ageing skin care Sydney

What makes us different

What makes us different is we are a one stop shop for all your skin treatments and beauty requirements. We can do that because we offer such a amazing range on products and services other clinics only dream of. Offering the safest and most effective treatments, separates us from other clinics. No cosmetic injectables, anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers instead we offer real skin rejuvenation. We offer our customers free skin treatment consultations.

We can do that

We can do that because we invest tens of thousands of dollars each year on the latest, best skincare and beauty machines. Only with the latest and best in skincare and beauty machines can we offer the treatments you deserve. Many of our treatments use multiple machines which means we deliver a better treatment. Not having to use one machine because that is the only machine, does not deliver the best treatment. Because we replace our machines with new machines on a regular basis, we can offer better treatments.

New machines

A new machine delivers better results than a ten year old machine. We know you are after the safest and most effective treatment and that is what we deliver. But, we also offer amazing value. Many of our new customers come from other clinics where the laser treatment simply has not worked or delivered the desired results.

IPL laser hair removal treatments Sydney

non-surgical stubborn fat removal treatments fat freezing Sydney

At Beauty Salon Sydney, we have the latest skincare and beauty treatments all you need in one place. Most of our treatments and products cannot be found anywhere else.

Our Treatments includes

Best anti-aging non-surgical face-lift. Want to look tens years younger in half a day? Anti-aging non-surgical facelift really is one of our best treatments. It can include LED light therapy. The results are stunning and near-instant. For every treatment, we get two or three referrals.

We love doing this treatment because our customers are so happy with the fantastic results. with LED light therapy tired dull skin becomes glowing healthy skin, Wrinkles disappear, scars and imperfections are gone. All without a medical team or medical grade cosmetic injectables injections dermal fillers.

HIFU Sydney

Non-surgical fat removal treatments, stubborn fat removal, If you have fat you just can’t shift. You don’t want to spend hours in the gym. Why not try our non-surgical fat removal treatments. Freezing fat, lipo laser, and fat cavitation. They are all time tested fat removal treatments. Why not try your fat freezing Sydney treatment today?

Laser tattoo removal Sydney

Have you got a tattoo you just can’t stand? Could it cost you your job? Would you like us to quickly, safely remove that tattoo for you? We have state of the art laser tattoo removal lasers that can remove that tattoo for you. We can in quickly, safely and effectively remove that tattoo removal or hair removal with the latest pico lasers. Make a booking today for fantastic painless laser tattoo removal Sydney.


Laser hair removal Sydney

Tired of endless waxing or hair removal creams? Have you got unwanted hair? Try our IPL and laser hair removal laser treatments. Get rid of that hair and endless treatments. Start your best affordable IPL laser hair removal today. Our treatments for moist skin types include, full body, full legs brazilian underarms and just about anywhere else. As permanent hair removal treatments as laser hair removal is.

IPL hair removal Sydney

Do come and see us and our professional team at, We really are the fat freezing, laser liposuction, peels, tattoo removal, microdermabrasion, facials, skin whitening experts.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have complimentary consultation. A. Yes we can offer you a free consultation.

Q. What's involved in a consultation? A. Are you suitable for the treatment, pre treatment, what's involved in the treatment, what does it feel like, what are the expectants, post treatment and any side effects. You can ask our experts questions.

painless laser tattoo removal Sydney

#1 best anti-ageing IPL laser hair tattoo removal HIFU Sydney

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