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IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe

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IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe

Active acne

The first thing we do is work out what types of acne and types of acne scars you have. Before we can treat scarring tissue we need to treat the problem, acne that is active. We can do that using gentle yet very effective treatments, such as LED light therapy. Besides killing bacteria it stimulates collagen and elastin. Which makes it an anti ageing treatment.

Scar Treatment

Are you looking for reliable skin treatments to removal scars caused by acne? Xara Skin Clinic has just what you need. We are a trusted and distinguished skin clinic and beauty salon. With years of experience and expertise in the industry. Located in the heart of Lane Cove. We offer personal skin care services performed by our highly trained specialists. That will analyse and diagnose your skin.

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Please remember if you are unsure of a treatment or have questions, ask our trained staff. We are here to help you. We make you look and feel fabulous.

Wiki acne treatments

Wiki acne

We tailor our premium acne scarring removal to your individual needs. Making sure you receive the best possible outcome. Our efficient acne scars treatment uses with intense pulsed light (IPL), e-light or laser, offered at an affordable price.

Suitable for Almost Everyone

Our treatment is suitable for almost everyone. Our laser treatments will typically take about 30 minutes. After the few treatments, you should see a significant reduction in acne scarring. The number of skin treatments depends on your skin type. The severity of your condition and should take place fortnightly.

Our laser, IPL or E-light treatment. Utilise IPL, E-light or laser with glycolic acid facial skin peels. Skin peels are a great a great scarring treatment.  For optimum results to make you feel and look fabulous. Ask us for a package and save.

Exceed your Expectations

Here at Xara Skin Clinic, we care about your needs. We strive to fulfil, exceed your expectations for an enhanced customer experience. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide you with an in depth consultation before any treatment.

We promise you expert advice and treatment. With the highest level of hygiene and discretion. Our acne scars treatment will give you the results you demand and make you look and feel fabulous.

Come into Xara Skin Clinic or contact us today about starting our fantastic treat acne skin treatments.

Ask us about or laser resurfacing skin rejuvenation laser treatment and laser hair removal laser treatment.

No cosmetic injectables or skin needling here. That is because they don't give you the best outcome. They only hide the problem not fix it. What you need is treatments that make the skin tighter and stimulate collagen and elastin and that is what we deliver.

IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe

Fantastic photo rejuvenation treatment

IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe
IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe

IPL laser acne scar removal treatment Sydney #1 price safe. Here at Xara Skin Clinic, if you are looking for the experts in acne treatments, you have found them.

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We make it easy for you

We make it easy to come and see us, we offer free consultations. Having stacks of most three hour free parking next door to us. You can book online or over the phone. Our website is packed full of information and not sales talk. Why not come and see us today? While you are here have a look at our specials on laser tattoo removal and skin tightening.



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  • skin resurfacing for you skin concerns, better skin texture and to remove fine lines
  • scar treatment for acne
  • repair scar tissue with laser resurfacing
  • no medical team, medical grade cosmetic injectables anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers
  • very safe and effective treatments
  • no excessive sweating
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