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Lipo laser liposuction weight loss Sydney #1 best safe

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Lipo laser liposuction weight loss Sydney #1 best safe

A great, safer treatment than traditional liposuction, unlike liposuction I am not ware of anyone dying for this. "The study, which appears in the latest issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, showed a death rate of about 20 in every 100,000 patients who underwent liposuction between 1994 and 1998."

Weight reduction program without going to the gym. We offer you non-surgical weight removal to get to a health weight. with laser lipo uses a 650nm soft laser to kill deep fat cells. Break the fat cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride.

The bodies metabolic process removes the triglyceride, the results are fat removal and weight reduction. The laser heat can stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue.

Which promotes skin rejuvenation collagen and elastic fibres hyperplasia to make the treated skin tight and elastic with the removal and a reduction of fat without disturbing blood vessels. Which makes it harder for weight gain.

This treatments is great for you if you are near a healthy weight but want to change your body composition. You have fat you can't shift, it is not a # week program that involves healthy recipes. It's about spot fat reduction, sure health goals and favourite foods are important, but sometimes you need more.

What does that mean? It means this is an anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatment

Why? Because as we get old our skin is less active which results in less collagen production. The results are tired, pale looking skin. With an uneven complexion, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What does the eight loss treatment do? It stimulates and revitalises the skin, which results in more collagen being production. Which energises the skin, gives the skin a more even appearance and helps reduce or remove fine lines and wrinkles. We can even do outer thighs.

Fat removal laser lipo treatment

Is the first and only non-invasive (no Liposuction) body shaping  laser treatment. That’s been proven to effectively remove excess fat. Resulting in reduced weight. The treatment targets your problem areas. It painlessly removes fat in the tissue under your skin resulting in less weight.

Then your body’s natural detoxification system simply removes the unwanted dead fat cells. Lipo laser can remove inches of fat from target areas. It contours, reshapes your body and tightens and tones loose skin. By following our fat reduction treatment plan, you can remove fat and lose weight. Drop up to 2 or more pant/dress sizes and remove stubborn fat from the stomach, back, hips, thighs, buttocks and love handles.

*** we put our old Zerona lipo laser on the side of the road when we purchased our new third generation lipo laser machine, that's how more effective it is. We are in the process of replacing this page.

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These are really good links to get more information of the latest in lipo laser technology. Our new machine is second to none and gets some fantastic results. Have a look at our blogs and you will see why it is so good. Ask us about our laser lipo tummy tuck to improve body shape and skin elasticity. Kill some fat cells and remove fat deposits today.

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Lipo laser liposuction weight loss Sydney #1 best safe

Lipo laser can be an addition to you weight reduction plan and to get an health weight

Lipo laser liposuction weight loss Sydney #1 best safe

Sydney weight reduction programs change your body composition

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  • gastric band, eyelid surgery
  • cosmetic surgery fat transfer liposuction liposculpture
  • minimally invasive liposuction procedure

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is this liposuction vaser liposuction.

A. No this is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Q. Are there any side effects.

A. You feel warm around the body areas treatment.

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If you are looking to lose weight or are losing weight. Our weight reduction programs is hard to beat. We identify where your unwanted fat is and where you would like to remove fat.

People lose weight and can have sustainable weight goal, but sometimes they need a bit of help here and there. This is healthy weight, without the healthy recipes, but they help.

We talk about long term healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits, diet and exercise. Then we put together a fat loss treatment program for the treated area.

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