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Please sign up for our newsletter for discounts, giveaways, and new products, and services. Call us or contact us about beauty, we are happy to answer any questions about treatment or products. Xara's is one of the top beauty salons in Sydney. We have fantastic world-class exclusive products and services. Our services include fat removal, scar, and stretch mark removal, and much more.

Now you are on the website please have a look at what we offer. We offer more than just products and services, we offer a whole-body experience. Opulent surroundings, welcoming staff, soothing music, gentle cooling breezing, and massages. Experience us.

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We welcome your feedback, good or bad. If you like our products please review them. That way others will know how fantastic they are. As you may know, we have created a new website, with a store. Please let us know what you think of it.

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At Xara's we are always happy to talk business. Except for SEO, we get two or three contacts every day about SEO and web building. We are happy to talk about mutually beneficial arrangements. Xara's is happy to help other businesses and support local businesses.

Special offer discount skincare beauty Sydney 1 best bargain

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Special offer discount skincare beauty Sydney 1 best bargain
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There are four Council car parks in Lane Cove village. Parking should not be a problem. Please pay us a visit. We are Xara Skin Clinic™  access via Birdwood Ln.

Get a more youthful appearance in just a few hours near me
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Get a more youthful appearance in just a few hours near me. Affordable option to make you skin a better me. Have a look at our website for full details.

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If you want to look years younger in a few hours near you

If you want to look years younger in a few hours near you. Affordable services in beauty treatments. Have a look at our website for full details.

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Come and visit us, customers who require more than one treatment, ask us for a package price. We are one of the North Shore’s top secrets. Customers that can't find us, remember second-floor access via Birdwood Ln or watch this. Click Here.

Come and see us, we are one of Lane Cove's top secrets. We are one of the leading, one-stop salons and clinics near you.