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Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial Sydney micro droplet #1

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Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial Sydney micro droplet #1

Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial Sydney micro droplet #1. This beauty of a machine is like a Swiss army knife. It has so many tricks, from ultrasonic facials to micro droplet spays.

Great for treatments skin, deep cleaning. exfoliating, ultrasonic tightening, lifting, whitening and hydrating.

Micro droplet spray

This spray sprays micro droplets of water or serums. Typically, 2 - 200 micros in size. Why is this important, the smaller the droplets the better to skin takes in the moisture? Which helps hydrate the skin. The oxygen jet provides deep hydration to the skin

Ultrasonic shovel

It is great for penetrating the skin, massaging the cells to promote metabolic activity, increase cell vitality. Improve blood flow, lymphatic circulation, ceasing the skin, exfoliating, removing black heads, whitening. It will help decrease pore size and the negative ions suck up pollutants.

Dipolar RF and freezing

The dipolar RF improves fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skins firmness and helps improve circulation especially around the eyes to which in turn will help your eyes.

The cooling treatment helps get rid of pollutants on or is the skin. Tightens the skin which in turn promotes collagen and removes lines or wrinkles. It will help remove redness, skin sensitivity, drank circles and bags under the eyes.

The soft brush helps clean the skin and massage the face.

This is a heating a cooling treatment, makes a significant difference.

MCS face roller

The micro current is great for lifting the skin, ere care and whitening the skin.

Ground bar

Great for claiming the skin, lightening pigmentation and shrinking pores.

Aqua Peel and water galvanic

Is a non-invasive way of exfoliation, cleansing and hydrating the skin. It is a safe and painless treatment that your skin will love you for it.

Sounds fantastic?

If all of the above sounds great, then you are as excoriated as we are in getting this new machine. It is just another addition to our wide range of facials. It can be combined with HIFU, fractional laser and fractional RF to give you a supper treatment. A case of one plus one equals three.

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Negative ions

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Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial Sydney micro droplet #1

LED light therapy treatment great long term results

Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial Sydney micro droplet #1
Ultrasound MCS RF freezing facial micro droplet #1 

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have a medical team?

A. Yes, we have a medical team, but we don't normally tell the world.

Q. Do you offer treatments to kill fat cells?

A. Yes, we do we are fat cell killers.

Other treatments include

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  • no medical grade voodoo here or dermal fillers
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  • picosecond laser tattoo removal
  • complimentary consultation pre and post follow up available
  • body contouring skin tightening
  • factional radio frequency treatments
  • and much more with post treatment follow up
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