What do customers think of EMS its great they love it #1

What do customers think of EMS its great they love it #1. We get customers get 4 to 6 treatments and when they are finished, they get more. The results need to be seen to be believed, rock had abs in a week, that could have taken months. Forget the pills, EMS is enough. We get customer coming in every two days to get their fix. Why because they are getting the results they are after.

Who is coming in?

Surprisingly enough, we are getting far more woman than men coming in for electro muscle stimulation in Sydney. Not that we mind, we just wonder why men aren't lapping it up like the woman.

Where can I treat?

Well just about anywhere, except the chest. You can do the but for a firmer more muscular butt. You can do the really hard to train muscles like the calves.


Where you can put a pad is where you can train

How can this beat exercise?

Well the makers tell us that in 30 minutes you can do the equivalent of 3000 crunches. All while not raising a sweat. OH, I might be getting why woman love EMS, no sweating in the gym.

What does it feel like?

Well it is weird, you lie back and the electro muscle stimulation machine is switched on. Then your muscles go ballistic, both slow and fast twitch. you are relaxed but your muscles just want to do what they want to do. You have no control over them.

What is my experience?

Well I like it, I don't use it very often as someone else seems to be using it, grrrrr. But what the heck they are paying and I am not. Hey, I only brought the machine.

It really is the lazy way to exercise

If you want to try it out , make a booking while our EMS price special is still on, or we can do you a good deal on your own machine.

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