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Product Description

Glycolic Acid Facial Chemical Peel Medical Grade Sydney – 100% Pure! 70% Strength

For Wrinkles, Acne, Acne and Scar Removal

Medical Grade, Professional Strength Peel Treatment

For smoother and healthier-looking skin it’s just a few acid, skin peels treatment. By using the same strength solution recommended by doctors and used by dermatologists, you can minimise fine lines, acne scars removal, and wrinkles removal quickly by using glycolic acid facial chemical peels.

It serves as a catalyst for forming new collagen, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles treatment. Its small molecular size means it can penetrate the outer layer of skin, allowing it to penetrate below the epidermis, reaching the collagen fibres below. Results in 15%-25% thickening of collagen over 12 weeks. Glycolic acid:

Scope: Acne Scar Removal, wrinkle removal, stimulate collagen, blackhead removal, anti-ageing

  • Rejuvenates and smooths skin, promoting a younger and healthier complexion
  • Exfoliates dull, dead surface skin for immediate clarity treatments
  • Improves skin hydration, moisture, and texture treatment
  • Stimulates natural collagen production skin treatments skin tightening skin tone
  • Dissolves Acne Plugs & Eliminates Acne Scarring treatment
  • Treats hyperpigmentation, skin discolorations, sun/age/dark spots, rosacea and melasma
  • Repairs Blemished Skin, Blackheads, Comedones
  • Brightens & lightens skin, evening out skin tones
  • Improves skin elasticity and the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and age spots

With our anti-ageing Acids, you can rejuvenate your skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen and new skin.

 Hand Pressed Organic Moroccan Argan Oil 100% Pure 60ml

Chemical peel Sydney

The deepest peel, professional strength only for long-time users of Acids. This is our strongest solution and can quickly erase scarring and wrinkles when used properly. *Recommended for professional use. (Can be used on the chest, hands, feet, back and body.)

Please note: 70% Glycolic acid peel is a strong peel and should only be used by experienced users. Misuse can result in burns and hyper-pigmentation. Please follow all instructions in the pamphlet included with the peel.

Directions for use :

  1. Cleanse your face and neck area with an oil-free cleanser.
  2. Prepare your skin with a 50/50 water and alcohol combination for a more even application.
  3. Apply the acid to your face and neck with a cotton ball, applying pressure to the problem areas.
  4. Allow the chemical peels solution to set into the skin for 2 to 3 minutes.
  5. Rinse your face with warm water. If you feel the acid is too strong for your skin, use a 50/50 water and baking soda-neutralising solution.
  6. Apply a good skin-hydrating, healing moisturiser – we recommend our SheAloe Butter for faster healing and best results.
  7. Repeat the process once or twice a week, based on your skin sensitivity. Do not overuse.

SUNBURN & SUN DAMAGE: This AHA can make your skin very sensitive. Use a good sunscreen and limit sun exposure as much as possible for up to one week after use to avoid sunburn or sun damage to the skin. treatment

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. The seller is not responsible for any negative effects which may result from the proper or improper use of this product. By purchasing this product you confirm that you understand and agree with the following: The information provided by the seller is not intended to replace your doctor’s medical advice.

It is recommended that you seek your doctor or dermatologist’s advice

To determine if acid peels should be used by you and what strength you should use. People respond differently to treatment and results may vary and can not be guaranteed. By purchasing this item you confirm you understand the information and you acknowledge you are under no obligation to follow any recommendations made by the seller.

You understand the seller is not responsible for and you assume the risk of adverse effects or consequences resulting from the proper or improper use of this product. By purchasing our product you as a result of this hold harmless and discharge the seller and all of its officers, employees, agents and suppliers from all claims of damage, demands or actions against them. Chemical peels skin peels skin treatments LED light therapy layers treatments cosmetic pigmentation terms conditions.

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