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Hyaluronic acid gel cream anti-aging wrinkle face and eye #1


Product Description

Hyaluronic acid gel cream anti-aging wrinkle face and eye

(HA) Serum moisturizer Next-Gen for deep penetration-perfect for derma rollers.


With next-gen hyaluronic acid with is a newly developed nano molecule. Which means it can penetrate deeply into the skin, to repair damage. It has and extremely small molecular weight for maximum bio availability.

Dermatologists use hyaluronic acid as a preferred wrinkle and fine line filler. This cream will absorb into the skin quickly and will not leave a greasy or oily feel. It is suitable for all skin types. HA has the remarkable ability to hold nearly one thousand (1,000) times its weight in water. That’s how HA contributes to the thickness of skin; it inflates with water. Few ingredients are as safe, versatile and effective. A natural constituent of skin itself, HA enhances moisture and plumps skin.

It has taken scientists years to develop a smaller Hyaluronic Acid molecule, able to penetrate deep enough into our skin to be effective. While an injection is still the most efficient use of the ingredient, our Gel Cream doesn’t require a needle or visit to a dermatologist. Far more pleasant than a needle, you simply apply our Gel Cream, loaded with hydrating goodness, and achieve a similar result!

Our clients that use it report noticeably softer, dewy looking skin, with significantly reduced wrinkles and lines, after just a few uses. Our Gel Cream is incredibly light and feels refreshing as you apply it. It blends into skin rapidly, leaving it looking softer, firmer, and fully hydrated.

65 ml

Hyaluronic acid gel cream anti-aging wrinkle face and eye

Directions – Use twice a day to the face and under eye area (avoid getting the serum into the eye). Pat onto lightly dampened skin, allow a few seconds for the serum to be absorbed. Your normal moisturizer can now be applied to seal in the Hyaluronic acid.

Contains – Hyaluronic acid, Rice bean extract, sunflower extract apple extract, Glycerin

Hyaluronic acid gel cream anti-aging wrinkle face and eye.

Wiki nano

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65 ml


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