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What’s great about the newest machine? Instead of two treatments at once, this one will do four with a double chin head. This will save you time if you are after more than two. Our current special deal is three at $649, if you have four at once it’s $749.

We have another special of five at $1,249 that can be taken individually. The latest cold shaping has a special head for chin reduction. What you might not know freezing is also a cellulite treatment.

With four in an hour, you will have saved an hour. The newest one is just as effective as the old one. But it’s not limited to two at once. For us it saves space, we have rooms full of the latest skincare and beauty. So any space we can save is good for us.

Bargains specials 4 treatments fat freezing cool sculpting cryolipolysis

Our existing Specials Deals

  • four treatments at once it’s $799
  • five treatments at $1,249 that can be taken one by one

This body contouring is a quick and fast way to kill fat cells and weight loss, without diet and exercise. The purchase of the newest contouring is to ensure you get the latest and the best in fat cell killing, skincare and beauty. If you haven’t experienced the Xara difference, then do it today. For safe and effective products and services, come to Xara’s. We make you look and feel fantastic. Make your booking today.

The photo shows just some of our range of high-tech beauty and skincare equipment. We really are Sydney’s one-stop shop for beauty, skincare and fat removal. Don’t forget to check out our fantastic products. See you in the store.

Our machine

We are really happy with our latest fat-freezing treatment body shaping machine. It has some great feathers, like ramp-up suction. That means the suction starts up with little suction and then it builds up. This is a great comfort feature. The four heads have interdependent timers, suction and temperature settings. This is a really good feature when you are doing areas with little fat and areas with lots of fat in one go. With a double chin head, for cellulite treatment cellulite reduction try fat cavitation.

Areas with lots of fat can operate at a lower temperature. This means our customers get more effective treatment and great comfort. Our experience is there is very little in the way of side effects with this freezing fat loss treatment. All things that add to the customer’s experience. Why not come in and try our latest wonderful machine? We have and this more than once and have gotten great results. I might take a photo for a new blog in a few weeks.

We offer you a treated area with a complimentary consultation and a treatment plan.

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  • fat cells fat reduction stubborn fat skin tightening weeks thighs
  • treatment area body sculpting

What we don’t do

  • procedure is a medical term we don’t do medical
  •  surgery procedure
Bargains to help you to a better leaner body why not phone us now
Bargains specials 4 treatments fat freezing cool sculpting cryolipolysis Sydney

Bargains to help you to a better leaner body why not phone us now. You can now get up to four area cups at once, saving you visits and money.

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Will I be able to find parking?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, we have stacks of parking, just go to The Canopy.