How avoid milia cleansing facial peel Sydney exfoliating

How about preventing milia? We have several skin care milia prevention treatments. As well as milia removal treatments.

What is milia?

Milia is caused by dead skin cells becoming trapped under live top layer of skin. It becomes hard and causes a bump with a small white appearance. Good skincare and skin maintenance on a regular basis is a great way to stop milia. A good chemical free exfoliating and or cleansing scrub is a good start. One that doesn’t suck the moisture out of your skin. It’s great if it’s full of vitamins and adds moisture back into the skin. A glycolic acid peel is another way to remove that dead cells. It’s great for unclogging pores, removing freckles, age spots and liver spots. It is also a good wrinkle removal and anti-ageing treatment.

What if it is too Late?

We can quickly and safely remove your milia for you. When you come in we can have a look at the size of the problem. Then discuss your best skin conditions treatment option. It could be microdermabrasion or one of several skincare milia removal treatments. Why not pick up a gift vouchers while you are here.

Milia Tips

  • make sure the surface of the skin is clean, this doesn’t mean soap
  • minimal small amount not mineral makeup as part of your skincare routine
  • get a professional to get rid of milia or remove the milia, those white bump or white bumps
  • be careful around the eye area
  • exfoliate the skin, this may cause a slight redness
  • talk to us about the best body, skincare products for you
  • if you are after hair care talk to us about out amazing hair care organic products
  • looking for gift ideas, how about our fantastic eye cream beauty products
  • our solutions are gentile not heavy handed

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Come in to Xara Skin Clinic ™.  Talk to us about starting your body treatments today. For an all over whole body experience come and see us. Come and relax in our opulent ambiance, welcoming staff, the scent of essential oils, calming music, the soft cool breeze. For world class, exclusive treatments and products, we are the beauty and skincare experts. Don’t forget to check out our vouchers in the shop.

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How to avoid milia exfoliating cleansing facial peels on the North Shore of Sydney

How avoid milia cleansing facial peel near me exfoliating. How to stop milia from occurring and removal of milia, make a booking. Why not come to the experts?

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