Find Out How the Non-Invasive Thermagie-CPT Work

Thermage technology received FDA approval in 2002 for eye wrinkle treatment, in 2004 for facial wrinkle treatment and in 2005 for cellulite, body laxity and signs of aging. Thermagie-CPT is a procedure in which heats the skin to make it firm, toned and devoid of scars. Does it work? Yes, it does. The Thermagie-CPT treatment is available in around 80 countries, with thousands of treatments with a very high success rate. In this article, we will understand how Thermagie-CPT works. It creates deep collagen rich layers which plumps the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Sagging skin and the treatment of wrinkles in a non surgical facelift treatment, it is a skin rejuvenation treatment with next to no treated downtime.

Understanding the Thermagie-CPT Working Process

Anyone with an understanding of Ohm’s Law and electromagnetic energy will easily comprehend the Thermagie-CPT process. If not, we have broken down the process for a layman to understand. Thermagie-CPT non invasive treatment is the process of directing electrical current in the deep tissues of the skin. As the current meets the cells, the cells resist, and the resistant produces heat energy. This heat energy causes the existing collagen cells to break and stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin cells, which makes the skin firm and toned.

When the collagen cells denature, the hydrogen bond breaks and the structure becomes short and thick. In the weeks following the procedure, the bond shortening produces the visible skin tightening effect. The denaturation occurs when the deeper tissue reaches a temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Celsius, which is 25-35 degree Celsius higher than the normal skin temperature on the surface. The heat energy also stimulates blood flow, which leads to an improvement in the body metabolism.

The heat in the Thermagie-CPT process dome from radio frequency (RF) waves, in a monopolar channel. The RF waves come from a hand piece, and it is mono polar because the energy does not return to the hand piece, which would have happen if was bipolar RF. The monopolar RF wave can reach the deepest layer of the skin. Before and after the RF pulse delivery, there is a cooling period which helps to prevent any kind of damage happening on the skin.

The Thermagie-CPT Process

Is anybody eligible for the Thermagie-CPT in Sydney process? No. The therapist will ask about your medical history, and ask you to fill out a consent form, after the form is complete the treatment starts. Photographs of the treatment maybe can be taken for before and after comparison. The target treatment area will be cleaned to remove any dirt or cream. It is important otherwise the RF waves may not be as effective.

Before the heat transfer process begins, the therapist sends test pulse and asks the person if the heat is tolerable. The heat is transferred through a tip, and these tips come with predefined pulse rates. The Thermatip for face delivers 600-900 pulses, and the Thermatip for the body delivers 900-1200 pulses.

A Thermagie-CPT in Sydney session lasts between 45 to 120 minutes, depending on the severity of the condition. In between every pulse, there is a cooling period. The person undergoing the treatment may feel as if the skin is vibrating, which is more noticeable on a bony structure. The heat is sometimes painful but tolerable.

Immediately after the treatment, the person will feel visible tightening, edema and sometimes transient erythema. There is nothing to worry as the edema and erythema will vanish in 24 hours. If there is visible tightening, it means the treatment was a success.

The Thermagie-CPT treatment is a safe procedure, and non-invasive. With each new generation device, the side effects have become less frequent.

What can I expect?

Most customers see half the results day one with the rest coming over a period of three to six months.


Only one Thermagie-CPT session is enough to see visible results, and the impact continues for a year or two. Even if someone has had Botox injections, laser therapy or plastic surgery, the person can still avail Thermagie-CPT sessions. Thermagie-CPT in Sydney is a safe, non-invasive, skin tightening treatments, anti ageing treatment that improves skin texture and appearance. Individual results may vary depending on the treatment.

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Find Out How the Non-Invasive Thermagie-CPT Work #1 best
Find Out How the Non Invasive Thermagie CPT Work

Find Out How the Non-Invasive Thermagie-CPT Work. Thermagie-CPT is a procedure in which heat is used on the skin to make it firm, toned and devoid of scars.

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