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I am just on the good side of sixty, but look more like forty. What shows my age more than anything is white hair. If I am wearing a black spots top the white hairs poke through. Not a good look, so to get rid of them I have used IPL and laser hair removal. So how did I go, well I have a problem with time and making time to do things like this. Might as well come up with it upfront, I have three businesses and time is an issue.

IPL white hair removal

Well, I have tried IPL  hair removal and the Xara machine is effective but in the limited few treatments it has nor been 100% effective, I need more. By limited I mean two or three treatments of IPL hair removal Sydney. There are a few patches that need more work, but I am sure if I took the time out, the white hair would be removed. During the treatment I could smell the white hair getting cooked, so I know it was working.

Laser white hair removal

I have also, tried the Xara three in one laser and have gotten great results with it on the areas that where previous treatment with IPL. Hey, I am the shop guinea pig so what can I say? The laser is effective and I can feel the treatment zapping the hair, I think it is more effective than IPL I think I have had two treatments with the three in one laser hair removal Sydney and the white hair has just about gone. The last treatment was only today and it takes a little while to see the results. It can take a few days for the zapped hair to fall.

What can I say

Yes, you can remove white hair, it just takes a little longer. Or, you could just wear the tee shirt?

Wiki Laser Hair Removal

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