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After almost four months of lockdown due to Covid restrictions, we are busting to open up again. We are ready to take bookings from 13 October 2021. Happy to open up again, but unhappy it's been so long. We have hundreds of thousands of great skin care skin treatment equipment that have just been sitting in our treatment rooms doing nothing. Book an appointment today, we offer you a skin analysis free consultation.


Laser year we spent big on the latest skin rejuvenation and beauty equipment. We got four facial machines, a hydro oxygen jet skin peel, two hydro peel machines and a Korean hydro peel machine. We have some great specials on hydro facials, right now. Two fantastic electrical muscle stimulation machines, one has a pelvic floor strengthening pad. We have a special on four areas in one booking, our new machine can do four areas in one go.


We have a new five-in-one, picosecond laser (tattoo removal), RF (radio frequency) skin lifting, skin whitening light, SHR hair removal, and e-light skin rejuvenation for fine lines wrinkles. All from one high-powered machine. A new laser, RF (radio frequency) skin lifting, skin whitening light, SHR hair removal, and e-light skin rejuvenation for fine lines wrinkles. A multi-function RF, fat cavitation with a vacuum RF (Radio Frequency) head, magnetotherapy vibrator head, light bio and heat head and a high intensity focused sonic head.

We have got the latest in light treatment machines. In the past few years, LEDs have gotten even better, more light, high tech, less heat and longer lasting. I gather you get the picture, better skin rejuvenation results for you.

I am sure I am missing some of the skin analysis equipment, but not having been in the clinic it's not easy to check.

OH yes, we restocked our nano HA and eye cream and other great serums. We offer you a skin analysis for problems such as oily, dry skin and any other try of skin.

So what's holding you back?

What's holding you back? Why not make a booking today? We have still got that great service with world-class treatments. Lots of three-hour free parking just across the road from you. And stacks of what we think is the best equipment on the market today.

We still offer a range of fantastic cosmetic laser treatments such as tattoo removal laser treatment, skin rejuvenation lasers and much more. We have some great specials on picosecond tattoo removal.

Still no skin needling, medical grade cosmetic injectables anti-wrinkle injections dermal fillers lip enhancements. Why? because unlike cosmetic injectables our skin treatments fix the problem rather than hide it.

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What we don't do

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Will parking be a problem?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

No, we have stacks of it across the street from us.