When are we going to reopen Xara Skin Clinic Sydney Lane Cove

If it was up to us, we wouldn’t have closed down. We had no choice the Australian government made us close because of covert-19 virus.

As far as we can see we can open in step two we have no idea when that will happen. But rest assured we will open as soon as we can and with the same great products and services.

While closed we have not been sitting on our hands. We have attacked the clinic with that wonderful environmentally friendly oxygenated bleach. Repainted the clinic with paint that has a special antibacterial additive.

That was not easy, I am one that is not at home standing three meters up on a ladder. But we did it, and it looks fantastic. More light in the clinic and a big cleanup.

Across the lane from us

What has been happening across the road from us is The Canopy is nearing completion, due 13 June 2020. Four hundred of the five hundred car parks have opened. There are trees planted and lots of paving laid.

The grass is yet to be placed; the entertainment area is nearing completion. The restaurants and cafes are yet to be fitted out. Coles and Aldi and very close to finishing. All in all, it will be a wonderful draw card for The Cove.

Where we are will be a great place to visit and spend the day here. Another suburb reason to visit us.

About us

Just before the lockdown, we had a problem with our fantastic diode laser hair removal machine. It came up with a water flow alarm, nothing that would put anyone at risk. More this case it would put the head at risk of failing without the required cooling to the diodes.

We have sent the head back to the manufacturers to get it fixed and hope to have it back before we reopen.

That is not to say we cannot do amazing treatments to remove hair; it is just our machine is more effective in treating the harder-to-remove hair types.

With blonde hair and very dark skin, we have had lots of exceptionally good reviews from our older machine. When we say older it’s only a year.

Why not make a booking?

We offer you a free consultation, you can book online or over the phone.

If you have been trying to get hold of us, we are still on email though we are not in the clinic most of the time. When we know a start date, please book quickly.

I know that many clinics will not reopen, in Manly there were three laser clinic beauty salons in one building. Two of them have closed and the shops are stripped and up for lease.

Coming back from covert-19 will be a whole fresh world. But rest assured you are in fantastic hands and our practice manager is a trained health professional.

Who has been hard at work keeping us all safe during the pandemic? She is an essential services worker and has been working at a local hospitable.

If you are thinking able getting treatment, we offer free consultations. Where you get an expert’s help in working out which treatment is best for you and your skin.

All our best wishes

All our best wishes go out to our existing customers and our latest customers. Please keep you, your loved ones safe and keep social distancing in place at all times. In our clinic we do not have more than two bookings for anyone time slot, your safety is very important to us.


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When are we going to reopen Xara's laser clinic why not call us now?
When are we going to reopen Xara Skin Clinic Sydney Lane Cove

When are we going to reopen Xara's laser clinic and beauty salon? After been shut down by the New South Wales government, we are reopening.

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Will parking be easy to find?

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Yes, we have more than enough for you.