What do you do when fat freezing is no longer effective #1

What do you do when fat freezing is no longer effective #1. There comes a point where freezing (sometimes called cryolipolysis) is no longer as effective, Then what do you do? Turn to diet and exercise for weight loss, you got to be kidding? Next thing is we will be telling you to seek medical advice. Well we know something to doc does not, we have great nonsurgical fat reduction treatments to help you lose weight.

This doesn't involve cold temperatures to get rid of body fat.

Why could it not be as effective?

  • because you have too little fat - when you have too little fat, with freezing there is not enough fat to suck into the cup. If you do freezing as a side effect you risk bruising.
  • the area is not really suitable for the treatment - for double chin sculpting HIFU is a much more effective treatment with in most cases visible results from day one.

So what do I do?

Well we have three great options, we will over then one by one.

Laser liposuction

A alternative to liposuction and without plastic surgery or plastic surgeon. Instead of cold temperatures you get warm temperatures, it's like lying on the beach.

The problem with laser liposuction is many clinic's have old machines. If you have tried the treatments from an old machine and not gotten the expected results you are not alone. You may have noticed over the past ten years LED's have gone from barely shining across a room to car headlamps.

Well we have a third generation machine, which gives great results. Two days ago I had two treatments and on day two after the treatment, something could tell me it worked. The way you can tell is one of the side effects is you start visiting the toilet six to eight times a day for a few days. Well the dead fat cells have to go some ware. For me the number of days between treatments can be four or more days.

What about results, I have gotten great results from an hours treatment.

Fat cavitation

We now have a new fat cavitation machine, on it's way. Our existing machine gave great results with customers coming back for more. If they were not getting the results they would not be coming back for more.

What does it feel like, the only really noticeable feeling is a bit of sound in the ears. Who does it work? well it works a bit like a singer breaking a glass with their voice. With cavitation the ultra sound waves vibrate the fat cells wall to such an existent the wall of the fat cells break. The body than uses the metabolic process to get rid of the dead cells.

The advantage of fat cavitation is it is not flat like lipo laser, which means it is more flexible on areas it can treat. It's great for curved surfaces of which the body has a few. It is also great for cellulite and stretch marks.

EMS electrical muscle stimulation

You have probably seen the the toys in a two dollars shop or such like. Well our machine weighs more than 50KG. Now the makers would not build a 50KG machine if a toy could do the same thing. OK, now we have addressed the size does matter, thing.

What does it do? Well during normal exercise muscle contraction is normally 20 to 30%. With EMS it is closer to 100%, better muscle contraction means better results. The other thing is a 30 minute session equals around 5.5 hours in the gym*.

We purchased an EMS machine not more than six months ago and it has already paid for it's self. Well EMS has moved on from two paddles to four, to save our customers time and money we have purchased a new four paddle machine. We have also make a four paddle special for four paddles in one treatment.

What is different with this machine is two paddles are curved and two are flat. It also has a seated paddle which strengthens the pelvic floor muscle and the virginia*.

  • manufactures claims, which we have experienced similar results
What do you do when fat freezing is no longer effective #1

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