HIFU double chin removal treatment Sydney #1 skin tightening

After you read this you will see why we are number 1 in HIFU treatments. This treatment is equally suited for men and woman. These before and after pictures are after one treatment and are taken on the same day. With HIFU in most cases the results keep coming for months. If you would like to lose your double chin, wrinkles or both at the same time, then HIFU skin tightening in Sydney is for you.

The photos don’t lie

In this HIFU 3D treatment only the neck area was treated. Though I believe the woman was so happy with the results. That she will be doing the face area next. As you can see from the photos before and after the wrinkles have gone. There is a slight redness that will disappear in most cases in a few hours. Every one is different, some things take longer for some people. In most cases day one results are only half the results with the full effect taking a few months. What a treatment, no injections, cuts or stitches yet fantastic results. Very little in the way of recovery time, the redness will go very quickly.

The next photos are of a male

male before and after 3D HIFU double chin removal SydneyAs you can see this same day before and after pictures of double chin removal, it’s gone. These pictures are of our customers that are so happy with the results they want to show the world. As you may have guessed we are experts in skin care and beauty and suck at photography. Hey you can’t be experts in everything. My guess is you are more than happy with our lake of photography skills when we can get you results like this?

What is involved in the treatment?

Before each treatment we need you to fill out a consent form. This asks you questions about you medical history, medications and such. We do that to protect you from any complications. Most people are suited for the treatment, if you are breast feeding you may have to wait. This consultation is free.

If you are suited for the treatment in most cases you can start straight away. The treatment and consultation take around an hour. If you are having more than one area it may take longer. Hey there is three hour free council parking so you will be OK.

What is 3D HIFU?

3D HIFU is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It has a head that is around 4cm by 6cm, inside the head there is a transducer that fires HIFU. It does that in rows and columns, one shot at a time. There are different heads that focus the energy at different depths.

What does it feel like?

Some times you can feel a sensation like tinny little pin pricks. It is not painful but it can cause discomfort. The energy can be controlled to reduce any discomfort.

How long does it last?

Different people get different results, it depends on how you treat you skin, genetics, diet and other factors. Typically you see half the results day one and the full results can take up to six months to appear. I would be surprised if it doesn’t last at least for a few years. It’s a bit hard to tell because our customers are usually so happy with the results. That they come back before the few years is up to get better results. Hey we can’t say no to that, can we?

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