Myths and question about fat freezing treatments in Sydney

Myths and question about fat freezing treatments in Sydney. I take a large number of phone calls from people why have questions about fat freezing. This blog is to answer some of those questions.

I hope it helps – Questions and Answers.

Q. Does fat freezing hurt? – A. Cristine has been known to fall asleep while fat freezing …. No it doesn’t hurt.

Q. Is if safe? – A. Yes, it is, it’s been around for a long time and the newer machines are safer and more effective.

Q. Will it leave a mark? – A. Yes, the area will be a little red, but this will go away in an hour or two.

Q. How much fat do I need for fat freezing? – A. You need enough for the fat to be sucked into the cup, the more fat the better.

Q. Are all fat freezing machines the same? – A. The answer is yes and no. The brand is less important to what functions the machine has such a soft start vacuum, number of heads. All these functions effect how effective the machine is and user comfort.

Q. How does it work? – A. The computer controlled machine lowers the temperature of the fat to a temperature where the fat cells die.

Q. Where do the dead fat cells go? – A. Generally at the other end of the mouth.

Q. How effective is it? – A. It depends on the individual, different people get different results. It depends on the amount of fat and how active the person is and what they eat. Generally it’s very effective, and almost all our customers tell us it’s great.

Q. Where is the fat killed? – A. In the area treated i.e. what goes into the cup.

Q. How much fat should be removed in the treated area? – A. The machine manufacture states 25 to 35 % in one treatment.

Q. What’s the difference between Coolsculpting, fat freezing, Cryolipolysis and Zeltic? – A. They are all the same machine and work the same way, it’s just like Bic, Biro ball point pen. they are brand names or common names. Now days most of the machines are made in China and are generally better quality than made elsewhere.


If you are looking at getting fat freezing make sure the fat removal machine is only a few years old, five years max.

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Fat freezing treatments in Sydney

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Myths and question about fat freezing treatments in Sydney

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