HIFU Fat Removal | HIFU skin tightening treatment Sydney

The 3D HIFU machine has arrived and what a great machine, we didn’t go for the cheapest we went for what we think is one of the best machines on the market.  We could have gotten a good machine for half the price, but we know you want the safest and most effective treatment and that’s what we aim to deliver.

We are taking bookings now. Should you be interested in this treatment? The answer is yes if you would like your body shaped and to look younger, or if you would like to lose fat. The great thing about this treatment is it can treat areas that fat freezing cannot treat. Does it sound too good to be true? Well HIFU is the latest treatment that is moving through the beauty and fat loss industry like a hurricane.

Why 3D HIFU?

Because HIFU can go deeper than laser and radio frequency, you get a more effective treatment. If a non-surgical non-invasive treatment, without the long recovery times of surgery nor the risks is what you are after this is the treatment for you. Unlike surgery you can stop the procedure at any time. It is a painless treatment, with real results, from this virtually risk-free treatment. Why not come in for a free consultation?

The treatment

You come in for a free consultation and we ask you some questions about your medical history and sign a consent form. We go through the treatment and answer any questions you may have. Offer you a price for the treatment and if you are happy proceed with the treatment. Which takes, depending on the area, around one hour.

An applicator is run over the treatment area. Single shots are fired one by one, when the area is covered the treatment is complete. More than one treatment maybe required for you to get the desired. This is a long-lasting skin tightening treatment in which the results keep coming month after month.

Referance Thermage® verse HIFU

Non surgical 3D HIFU skin tightening fat removal treatment Sydney.


After a bit of a false start, we found a great machine, discussed terms of sale and delivery, paid for the machine, the vendor then told us they could not deliver that machine and offered another machine we had already rejected. So, that has delayed us by weeks, but the good news is we have found an even better machine, paid for it and expect it by the end of next week. We don’t settle for second best, because we know you want the best and that’s what we aim to deliver.

We could have gotten a machine at less than half the price, but would it deliver the safest most effective treatment? We don’t think so. Don’t worry, I am sure Cristine has me picked as the first off the rank, can’t wait, it’s a great machine.

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So, what are you waiting for? Don’t be shy, come into our Lane Cove clinic for one of the best skin tightening and fat removal treatments on the market today.

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