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EMS clinic tattoo removal facial Castle Cove body shaping beauty salon

I hope you have found what you are looking for, if you were looking for Sydney's experienced top dermacare experts you have found us. We are just down the road from you, just a short drive away.

We are located right in the heart of the other Cove, right next to the new shopping centre. In between the three-hour time council car parks. Our entrance is on Birdwood Lane.

Trust me it will be worth the drive, we really are a great one-stop shop for all your dermacare and beauty needs. We have rooms full of the newest dermacare and beauty machines. You name it we probably have it, if you are after removing a little fat from here or there we can do it for you.

We can reshape you into that perfect figure you have always wanted, without you having to raise a sweat. Or, in a few hours, we can take years off your look. With our HIFU or fractional RF, while other clinics may only have one of two machines we have at least twenty.

Why is that important? Because some machines do some things better than others. By combining machines, you get more highly effective treatment. Why not come and see for yourself? We offer you a complimentary consolation where you get a treatment plan for you. Make a booking for an appointment complimentary consultation, you can online or over the phone.

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We are much more than just a clinic, just look at our website to see why. In the last twelve months, we purchased two new EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) machines. In 3o minutes you can do a full day of gym workouts.


If you are after the experts in laser tattoo removal we are here, we have the newest in advanced picosecond technology professional laser tattoo removal machines.


Why do your neighbours travel to see us, why not be one of them? We have beautiful facial treatments and much more


Our therapist knows how to deliver gentle yet very effective. They are fantastic at sculpting and contouring, it's an art.


If you are after looking good and younger we have the treatments for you.

For an on=the=house consultation, book here or call us, don't forget our gift cards.

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  • massage experience time light treat team
  • high team find and much more

EMS clinic tattoo removal facial Castle Cove body shaping beauty salon

Get that tat removed while he's sleeping

Areas we service Lower North Shore and beyond, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble, Castlecrag, Turramurra, Wahroonga, North Sydney, St Ives and more.


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Talk to us now about starting your picosecond laser tattoo removal. For an all-over whole body experience, come and see us. Come and relax in our opulent ambience, welcoming staff, the scent of essential oils, calming music, and the soft cool breeze. For world-class, exclusive offerings and products, we are the care experts.

There are four Council car park locations in the village. Your search for parking should not be a problem when coming to see us. Please pay us a visit. We are Xara's access via Birdwood Ln level 2.

EMS store tattoos remove facelift near me sculpting laser clinics
Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

EMS store tattoos remove facelift near me sculpting laser clinics. We are experts in safe and effective tattoo removal with the latest picosecond lasers.

Service Type: Complimentary consultation

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Will electrical muscle stimulation give me abs?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, it is probably the fastest way to get results.

Is it easy to get a car space?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, in The Canopy across the street we have 500 spaces.

Ring us today and make your booking.

Come and visit us, customers who require more than one session, ask us for a package price. We are one of the Northern Shore’s finest secrets. Customers that can't find us, remember second-floor access via Birdwood Ln or watch this. Click Here.

Come and see us, we are one of the Cove's finest secrets. We are one of the leading, one-stop salons, day spas and care clinics near you.