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Fat freezing Sydney #1 best non-surgical fat removal treatment

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Fat freezing Sydney #1 best non-surgical fat removal treatment

Fat freezing Sydney. Like everything not all body sculpting freezing treatments are the same. There are many variations such as;

  • Number of heads, we have four
  • Size of the cups, we have large medium and small
  • Soft start vacuum, yes we have it
  • Setting for each head, yes we have that
  • Years of experience, the clinic has had freezing for more than seven years
  • New machines, yes our machine is very new
  • It has a chin sculpting head
  • The best machine, got that one covered as well
  • The best anti freeze pads, yep we have that
  • Highly trained staff, tick
  • Great for outer thighs
  • Controlled cooling
  • 25 to 30 % of fat reduction in the treatment area
  • Post treatment there is not really much to say, perhaps a little redness is the most common issue.

We offer you body sculpting free consultation.

Safe and effective body sculpting

As you can see there is more to it than is first evident. Your clinic has to have a great machine and staff that know how to use the machine. At Xara Skin Clinic when we are choosing machines, we are looking for the best in the market. We want our customer to know they can trust us to deliver the best treatments with the best results. That is something we do on a daily basis, across many treatments.

Am I a suitable confidante?

That is why we have a comprehensive body contouring form to fill out, we need to know your medical record to make sure freezing is safe for you. In most cases it is but in you have underlying conditions it may not. If you have a pacemaker, we may request you get your doctors approval, or such like. The reason is we value our customers and do not want any side affects to effect their health.

How effective is it?

It is highly effective proving you have enough fat in the area, if there is a not enough fat you make get bruising. But don't worry we will tell you if we think that may happen. Now there is a difference from going to the gym and freezing fat. Freezing is fat loss where going to the gym is shrinking fat cells, they are still there just smaller. What you want is dead fat cells for great fat loss.

Ready to get bigger at a moment's notice. So, if you have love handles, double chin  or just hard to shift fat, stubborn fat, that diet and exercise hasn't removed it, let us kill your fat cells for you. Just point to where you would like your fat reduction to be. It really is that simple, why not book online?


If you have had liposuction and you find you have lumps, laser liposuction Sydney is probably you best bet  to fix the problem.

We offer you a complimentary consultation, ring us or book online to get rid of unwanted fat. Where we will put together a treatment plan to attack those pockets of fat.

All this without us peddling medical grade anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers, we know we could make a packet but our customers health is more important. While you are here, check out our great specials on diode laser hair removal.

Fat freezing Sydney #1 best non-surgical fat removal treatment

Body contouring fat reduction

Fat freezing Sydney #1 best non-surgical fat removal treatment

Non-surgical fat removal treatment Sydney


If you have any questions we are only an email or phone call away and we do offer free consultations. Book a free consultation today, online or over the phone.


Wiki fat loss

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If you are looking for a price?

You can find them on our fat freezing treatment specials Sydney page.

Book a free consultation

If you are not sure don't worry we offer you a free consultation, just for you. Ask us about our treatment plan to get rid of unwanted fat and those stubborn pockets of fat for chin sculpting and outer thighs.

Freezing fat and ems

We find that EMS Sydney and freezing fat work really well together. Ems can help build muscle and reduce fat quicker than going to the gym. Build rock hard abs in a week rather than months in the gym.

How does liposuction differ from freezing?

You don't get the lumps and bumps, in most cases liposuction leaves you with lumps and bumps. Which you can get rid of them with freezing or laser liposuction. Both treatments are skin tightening treatments.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Where do the dead fat cells.

A. They are taken care of by the lymphatic system.

Q. Is freezing also a cellulite treatment.

A. It is but fat cavitation or laser liposuction tend to work better as a cellulite treatment.

Q. Are you in Bondi Junction?

A. No we are in a much nicer place than Bondi Junction where you can park for free, Lane Cove.

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