Hydro facial peel Sydney #1 fantastic anti-ageing treatments

Hydro facial peel Sydney #1 fantastic anti-ageing treatments. If you have not heard of or had micro dermabrasion? It's a bit like using fine sandpaper to take off the top layer of paint. Go to deep and ouch, like sandpaper the operator of a micro dermabrasion machine needs to be skilled. If the micro dermabrasion machine goes too deep, and there can be blood. Which means if you are thinking of getting micro dermabrasion make sure the operator is not learning on you.

The new kid

Hydro dermabrasion is really the new kid on the block. It has many advantages one of them is it is more forgiving of operator error. Which it still takes skill to operate a hydro dermabrasion machine. You would be very unlikely to see any blood from even the least experienced operator. We got out first hydro dermabrasion machine around three years ago and has been heavily used. It has really been a great work horse. For those that don't know what hydro dermabrasion is it is a bit like a carpet cleaner for the face. Like a carpet cleaner it can turn a dirty carpet into something that looks like new.

New machine

While we still use the hydro dermabrasion machine. We have purchased a new machine which is a bit like a Swiss army knife.  While the functions of the machine are explained in detail in the links above. So, I will not go into great detail, as I have on the two pages. Take it from me a hydro facial peel will do great thinks for your face for normal or oily skin. There are two different bottles for the two skin types. The operator can easily switch between them.  Have a look at the video below to see what a hydro facial is all about.

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