Safe effective mole wart blemish skin tag removal Sydney

Why live with a cosmetic moles, skin tags, blemish wart or growth, when we have cheap, safe, impressive solutions to remove them? For some people it can be a great confidence boost. One visit and it can be gone, it is that simple.

Get rid of it

If you have an unsightly cosmetic mole, acne scars, blemish, skin tags, mole, wart or growth you would like to get rid of, you have come to the experts. We know how to safely, painlessly get rid of unsightly moles, blemishes, tags, warts or growths.

A number of solutions

But our favourite method is the plasma pencil. Because it is small it is very accurate, it's like a pencil tip that is removing the blemish, wart, growth or male removal.

Little or no blood

There is little or no blood, I think everyone would agree that this is a big plus. It is very safe and effectual, the plasma gentle mole removal, blemish, tag, or growth. We also use out 980 laser treatment, which very few clinics have. Normally the area does not require numbing cream, but if asked for we have it.

About me

I have personally had a few growths removed and I did not require numbing cream. It was not painful but there was minor discomfort and none to minimal downtime. Not enough to want me to wait for numbing cream to take effect.

What is the process?

If it's a removing warts or moles, we ask that you see a doctor first to see if is cancerous. We value our customers and want them to be safe. You make a booking for a free consultation. We look at the problem, give you a price. If you are happy with it we remove it there and then.

Numbing cream

We don't use a local anaesthetic rather a numbing cream if required. It really is that simple, you will probably kick yourself and say why didn't I do it years ago.

We also treat acne scar and acne scarring, skin peels, laser treatments and more. Because we can no believe they are still around when we have so much better treatments.

We do so much more, acne scarring treatments, skin tightening, collagen and elastin promoting treatments, acne scarring, skin peels, acne scars, led light  therapy and much more.

We don't do cosmetic injections anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers lip, to give you better skin tone and less wrinkles.

Why? because if we wouldn't do it on our children we wouldn't do it on you. We are a laser and not a skin cancer clinic, we don't skin cancer. If you think you may have skin cancer at the very least see your GP.

With our treatments there is no excessive sweating because you know you are in safe hands. We offer you a free consultation where we discuss your treatment options and treated area. To make it easy to come and see us we are surrounded with mostly three hour free parking. We have lots of restaurants, cafes and the three major supermarkets.

While you are here check out our specials on stretch marks, radio frequency skin rejuvenation.

Wiki removing mole removal
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Our fantastic 980 skin tags mole removal laser

Other options

  • team facial, neck  and body solutions
  • IPL or diode laser hair removal
  • body day scar reduction
  • and much more

What we don't do

  • medical grade medical team patient or patients procedure

We offer you a complimentary appointment, you can contact us, book here or phone us.

Why not start your treatment now? For an all over whole body experience come and see us. Come and relax in our opulent ambiance, welcoming staff, the scent of essential oils, calming music, the soft cool breeze. For world class, exclusive offerings and products, we are the beauty and skin care experts.

There are four Council car parks in the Lane Cove village. Parking should not be a problem. Please pay us a visit. We are, Xara's access via Birdwood Ln level 2.

Amazing results moles warts blemishes tags solutions near me
Safe effective get rid mole wart blemish skin tag growth removal Sydney

Amazing results moles warts blemishes tags solutions near me - We are Sydney's expert in safe, painless and successful offerings. It's probably cheaper than you think.

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Is there parking in the area?

Laser clinic Sydney customers near us in Lane Cove

Yes, we have 500 spaces across the street.