Removing hair with IPL Sydney #1 SHR fast efficient painless

If you are tired of underarm hair, or hair anywhere else. Why not get it removed in a safe efficient and painless way? What could be better, no shaving, creams that are hard on the skin or waxing?

Personally, I have never understood how someone in their right mind would get themselves waxed. Unless they are into BDSM. Well, it that's what you are after, sorry we do not provide that service.

What are IPL skin treatments?

What is IPL laser hair removal? IPL is Intense Pulsed Light; it uses high intensity for the removal of hair follicles. Before a treatment please shave or cream the area the day before. The parts are covered in gel, and now that is about the most discomfort felt. The gel is cold. A wand is then run over the area to be treated with the pulsating wand. It usually takes a few treatments as the treatment is most efficient in treating hair in the growth phase.

It can also be known as broadband, though that is an old term. We have gotten some very good reviews for these treatments. We often get asked if it is as efficient as laser, well that depends on skin colour, type of hair, thickness and colour. The easiest way is to come for a complimentary consultation, contact us here or call us.

It really is that easy.

Is it painful?

Not usually, but some areas are more sensitive than others. I have had the treatment in a few areas, and it was not painful. But I have not had the pubic bit treated, so I can't say from experience.

Are there any side effects?

There can be redness in the treatment area for a hour or two to a day or two. If you have had your underarms done, you will probably notice less sweat under the arms.

What about after the treatment?

It is really just common sense. Stay away from UV, swimming and from abrasion to the area for a few days. So, if you are thinking of doing a marathon, wait until after you have finished it.

Now when it really is that simple and such a low cost, why would you do it? Why not make a laser treatment consultation today?

Also, see diode laser hair removal.

In case you were wondering SHR stands for Super Hair Removal and that's what you get. We have had so many great reviews from our treatments. Have a look for yourself.

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