Does it hurt laser treatments Sydney #1 great prices results

Does it hurt laser treatments Sydney #1 great prices results. The short answer is it depends on where you go. A friend of mine got laser hair removal done in Melbourne. He said, “laser hair removal hurts like hell”. I replied and said, no it does not, there are cowboys put there that don’t know what they are doing.

After coming for a treatment at our clinic, he said “it didn’t hurt at all”. Apparently, they didn’t even use gel and they burnt his skin. When you are getting laser treatments, make sure you go to someone you can trust.

The question on whether something hurts or does not depends on the individual. What is hurt and what is mild discomfort are different for some people. Which is why I am quoting someone.

Laser hair removal is not something you do when you are board. It is there to removal hair and it does a great job.

I am not sure what bothers me more the cold gel or the laser. That is coming from someone that has had laser and IPL hair removal.

In the wrong hand’s lasers can cause damage. If you are getting laser or IPL hair removal. A gel should be applied to the skin before the treatment starts. Look for great reviews on social media, there can be a few bad ones if the clinic has changed hands.

We picked up a few from the previous owner. We also have a one on one directory that we have asked to remove us from the directory after they removed four or five great reviews from our customers and left the one bad one.

There are cowboys everywhere, I won’t even bother naming and shaming them.

If you are after a laser treatment, that could be pigmentation, hair, tattoo, vein removal or fractional laser we offer free consultations. It is where you get an experts help in selecting the right treatment for you.

Where you can ask questions like, will it hurt and get the right answer.

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