Ten superfoods glowing hydrated skin #1 best glow for skin

Our skin plays a crucial role in properly projecting our mental and physical health. One major factor that decides the health of our skin is our diet. Many foods provide our skin with the required nutrients. Some foods, however, damage the skin causing distress and unhappiness. We provide a list of 10 food items that are healthy for the skin. Ensure these ten foods find a place in your regular menu at all points of time.


We have been eating chocolates all through our life without really knowing which types are beneficial for our health and which cause harm to our skin. Avoid Milk Chocolates, and White coloured chocolates as far as possible. Opt for Dark chocolate which is high in nutritional value. Flavonoids present in Dark Chocolates increases the blood flow. It makes your skin withstand the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.


Free radicals are caused in the body because of natural metabolic activities, and it is the main reason for many types of skin problems we face in our life. They damage the skin to the worst extent. Kale, considered as the best nutritious food in the world, is rich in Vitamin C which is directly related to skin health. Do you know? Kale has more Vitamin C content than even oranges have. Kale must be a compulsory food item on your dining table if you are conscious about your skin care.


This household kitchen item has innumerable medicinal properties for which it has been in vogue for thousands of years now. Garlic provides many medicinal advantages to human lives. They are capable of reducing blood pressure levels while boosting the immune system to a great extent. They work on the cholesterol levels of people balancing the same at the required levels. Allicin, an ingredient found in garlic, is exhibiting antiviral and antibacterial properties. This helps people to keep away from skin boils and acne, which are predominantly caused due to bacterial infections.


Fatty acids play a significant role in maintaining good health. Appropriate levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in the human body helps maintain a balance in the same. Any mismatch in the ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids cause diseases related to inflammation. Inflammatory skin diseases like Acne and Psoriasis can be controlled if the appropriate balance exists between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Salmon Fish is abundantly rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and helps strike the right balance at all points of time. Mackerel, Sardines and Tuna are the other fishes which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acid.


Eggs are the ultimate source for abundant proteins. This nutrition rich food item is rich in all the nine essential fatty acids providing a rounded level of nutrition whenever consumed. The human body takes the help of Amino acids to create fresh proteins like Melanin, Elastin and Collagen. These are requirement for the skin to be supple and fresh looking. They keep the skin healthy at all points of time.

Brazil Nuts

Some chemicals, when taken in the right quantity, act as nutrients adding value to human health. An excessive dosage of the same can cause havoc to the health destroying it to a great extent. One such ingredient is Zinc. The human body needs only minimal levels of Zinc for maintaining health at the optimal levels. Zinc, which is the trace material, is found naturally on the surface of the skin in limited levels. Zinc can avoid acne and many other types of skin issues in humans. Brazil Nuts is one of those food items that provide the highest levels of Zinc to body ensuring skin health at all points of time.


Human skin contains approximately 60 percent of water.  An optimal level of hydration is required for the skin to look healthy. Staying hydrated is essential to keep the skin supple and shining. Skin that lacks hydration looks dry, rigid and unhealthy. Cucumbers which are abundantly high in water content provide elevated levels of hydration to the human body. Consume as much cucumber as possible which will help your skin to a great extent.


Carrot are rich in beta carotene. It makes the vegetable provide more than 200% of Vitamin A on a per day basis. Beta Carotene is highly effective in safeguarding the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. It is also highly effective in fighting against the free radicals affecting the skin for many reasons. Ensure you add enough of carrots to your menu every day, this will ensure your body does not gets enough Vitamin A.


Human skin requires the help of many nutrients to remain healthy. Beta carotene are carotenoids that make skin glow in good health. People who consume enough of Beta Carotene tend to have smother skin. Tomatoes are rich in Beta Carotenes. The carotenoids in Tomatoes are Lycopene. This is the component that provides the red colour to tomatoes and contributes to skin health also.  Lycopene is responsible for safeguarding the skin cell from the harmful effects caused due to environmental pollution and ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Vitamin E, among the other nutrients, contributes to the good health of human skin. Almonds are natural sources of Vitamin E. The abundant presence of Vitamin E found in Almonds makes it one of the best foods for maintaining the skin in a healthy manner. Being an antioxidant, regular consumption of Almonds helps in reducing the skin inflammations, healing wounds in a quick manner.

Add the above ten food items to your diet regularly. Flaunt your beautiful skin, so people are unable to take their eyes off you.

Ten super foods for glowing and hydrated skin.


  • promote skin cells for glowing skin
  • fantastic products to protect the skin and reduce fine lines
  • fight free radical with supper foods such as sweet potatoes
  • stimulate collagen production fine lines disappear
  • reduce inflammation with leafy greens
  • healthy skin glowing skin anti inflammatory powerful antioxidants
  • get the health benefits of sunflower seeds
  • promote healthy skin with healthy fats and prevent dry skin
  • protect your skin from sun damage by eating right
  • green tea for weight loss and prevent baldness
  • bell peppers for skin tone and prevent free radical damage
  • dark chocolate for better sex, the more dark chocolate the better
  • olive oil health benefits for healthy skin cells
  • chia seeds excellent source of anti inflammatory properties
  • sweet potatoes great for vitamins and minerals powerful antioxidant
  • green tea and olive oil, foods for healthy skin cells
  • no skin cancer

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Ten superfoods glowing hydrated skin #1 best glow for skin
Ten Superfoods for Glowing and Hydrated Skin

Ten superfoods glowing hydrated skin #1 best glow for skin. Sun exposure, stress and poor nutrition leads to dry and irritated skin. Find out the top 10 super

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