The corona virus and bald men great hair regrowth Sydney

I read a very interesting article on the ABC today. If you are balding watch out. One study from Madrid found out that out of 122 male patients admitted to hospitable with the virus, 79% where bald.

Which is quite a large percentage, what they think is male pattern baldness is often associated with high levels of the male sex hormones called androgens

These androgens seem to pay a large role in the entry of Sars-cov2 which helps covid-19 get into the cells.

They believe it is because of a high level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). But there is help at hand, take pumpkin seed oil which is cheap and easy to take or another DHT blocker such as saw palmetto.

Personally, I think

Personally, I think all men should take one and no I don’t have shares in a pumpkin seed oil company.

Besides the benefits of more testosterone, it helps protect the prostate and hair loss. In fact, when taken is most cases more hair is grown. I take it on a daily basis and the good news is it is cheap.

Rather than recreate the great pieces of work I have posted the links.

The corona virus and bald men great hair regrowth Sydney

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