Fantastic hair removal IPL and laser Sydney #1 safe effective

If you are looking for painless safe and effective treatments to remove hair you have found it. We have very safe and effective treatments to remove you hair, without the pain. Why would you use the medieval treatments such as waxing or pulling hairs out? Surly by now we have grown up and know we can get better, safer and more effective treatments. That safe you time and money.

IPL hair removal

Now some people might think that IPL hair removal comes second to laser. Well that is not true, IPL is better than laser treatments for most treatments. That tends to be the vast majority the have dark hair. In fact the most and best reviews we have had are from IPL hair removal. But the problem with IPL is it doesn’t suit all skin types and hair colours.

Laser hair removal

Which is why lots of clinics that can only afford one machine go for a laser. At Xara we have both machines to offer our customers the beast treatment for them and their skin. Our laser hair removal machine in the gold standard of hair removal. It is a  three frequency of laser hair removal device, it attacks all parts of the hair follicle.

755nm Alexandrite laser

The Alexandrite wavelength has a more powerful melanin energy absorption, which makes it ideal of light coloured and thin hair.

808nm diode laser

This is the top standard in hair removal laser hair removal laser and offers deep penetration of the follicle and high average power, This allows us to target the hair bulge and bulb of the follicle. This wavelength is safe for darker skin type, great for upper lip.

1064nm YAG laser

This wavelengths is great for the darkest skin type and allows us to target the hair follicle bulb and papilla. This is great for unwanted hair, deeply embedded hair for areas such as the scalp, armpits and pubic areas.

After the best treatments

We don’t roll out ten year old machines and pretend they are the best. We relace our machine’s to make sure our customers are getting the best treatment options available. Even if we have a fantastic machine that is giving great results. We will get a new machine and see if the new machine is getting better results. The last thing we want is our fantastic customers not getting the best skin care services available.

laser hair removal skin treatments hair reduction

Some of our fantastic treatments include

  • laser hair removal skin treatments hair reduction
  • LED light therapy for your skin concerns
  • picosecond pigmentation removal
  • skin tightening
  • and much more

No medical team or medical grade cosmetic injectables anti wrinkle injectable dermal fillers lip, why? Because  unlike cosmetic injections anti wrinkle injections

Why not come and see us? We are right near the Sydney CBD in Lane Cove. But unlike the the CBD we have stacks of mostly three hour free parking. Why not make a day of it and come and see us? We have great restaurants and cafes right next to us, We have the major supermarkets right next to us, so why not make a booking today?