What if I said you could lose weight and look better?

Well, you can with our new collagen shake, which is backed by scientific research. Loose weight and tighten the skin, and remove or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. All with a great-tasting shake, at $3 dollars a serve. Yes, that’s right, less than a cup of coffee. While it is not designed to replace all meals, it can replace single meals in your day, how good is that? We are finding the moment our customers hear about it, the packet is sold.

We are waiting for the great feedback and will update you when we get it. We have only started stocking it at the start of the week and we have already sold a box before we could get it on our website.

Here’s what it does

One serving provides 20 gm of protein and 10 gm of fibre. 3.5 gm of collagen, yes an unheard-of amount and all with 120 calories. It is an excellent source of fibre, supports gut health, promotes skin hydration, and helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, all while helping you lose weight. While the protein helps you feel full for longer.

How to enjoy it?

While there probably are a million ways to enjoy it, the simplest way might be here; add 37.5 gm or two heaped scoops to a blender or shaker and add 250 ml of skimmed milk or low-fat milk with some ice. It really is that easy and at 43 a serving, it is at a great price.

Why not try some today?

What is collagen?


  • lose weight
  • weight loss, maintain your weight
  • stop weight gain
  • reduce body fat
  • maintain long-term loss weight
  • aim for a healthy weight
  • lower body mass index
  • start healthy eating
  • start losing weight
  • lower body weight

Collagen is an anti-aging compound you really can’t get enough of, unfortunately, you lose it as you get older. replacing it is a good way to look younger and when you look younger you feel younger.

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