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If you have some hard to shift fat that hours in the gym doesn’t seem to shift it, we have your answer. At Xara Skin Clinic we are experts in non-surgical fat removal. Please note that fat freezing, cryolipolysis and Coolsculpting are the same thing, just different names. When you come and see us we don’t just say cryolipolysis is your answer because that’s all we have.

Non-surgical fat removal has a number of benefits

  • It is non-invasive
  • Can be stopped at any time
  • It works, we have many happy customers
  • Low cost
  • Point to where you would like to remove the fat
  • Removes fat cells rather than shrink them
  • It is painless
  • Doesn’t require exercise
  • No holes to repair or cause for infection
  • Walk in walk out
  • Safe and tested with time
  • It is a cellulite removal treatment

With all those fat removal benefits why would you go done the surgical route. These are fat freezing treatments that you can have while reading a book, listening to music or catching 40 winks. Walk in walk out cool sculpting treatments that can be stopped at any time. Near zero cryolipolysis recovery time and little effort. In fact we couldn’t make fat removal any easier for you. Let our fat freezing machines do the hard work for you while you relax. We have lawyers, doctors, company owners get this fat reduction treatment. But, we don’t tell on anyone, what’s in the clinic stays in the clinic.

But, the good news is you don’t have to be an fat removal expert. All you need to do is ask us.

Here are just some of our solutions

Rather than repeating pages we already have for the treatments we have included the links.

Here are some common questions

Q – What is the most effective non surgical fat removal?

A – Generally fat freezing is best.  Like everything it depends on a number of factors, how much fat is there and where it is. When there is very little fat HIFU, laser liposuction or fat cavitation.

Q – Does freezing fat off really work?

A – It does, we use it and get great results. The perfect person for fat freezing is someone the takes care of themselves and just can’t shift unwanted stubborn fat from here or there.

Q – How much does fat freezing cost?

A – Look at the specials at the top of the page.

Q – What are the side effects of fat freezing?

A – In most cases none, except you loose fat. In rear cases there can be bruising if there is not enough fat, we will tell you but if you still want to go ahead. There can be a little redness for a few hours.


I am confused in what’s best for me, well that’s what experts are for. Just book a free consultation here.

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