EMT EMS fat removal muscle building Sydney #1 Fantastic

EMT EMS fat removal muscle building Sydney #1 Fantastic. We have the very latest in high intensity focused electromagnetic energy machines. Which produce contractions in the muscle that are more intense than during a normal workout. Because the contractions are fuller and more intense than normal muscle just piles on and fat is burnt. Just thirty minutes of these supramaximal contractions can equal twenty thousand contractions.  Nineteen percent less fat and an increase of sixteen percent of muscle mass *. With these type of figures, what is stopping you from getting the abs or butt you have always wanted?

How many treatments do I need?

Typically you will see great results in four to six treatments. With each treatment spaced two to three days apart.  There is no down times and three treatments modes from fat burning to muscle building. Just think the abs you have always wanted in just a few weeks.

The smart way

This treatment is really the smart way to help you get the body you have always wanted. We offer free consultations, where you can ask an expert all your questions. Such as how does it fell, will it hurt etc. After the consultation you can start your first treatment.

The Price

Each thirty-minute session is normally $249, but as the machine is new. We are running a promotion for a very short time for $99. Now at this great price you should make a booking, or you will miss out on this great offer.

  • – these figures come from the manufacture of the machine.


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