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People with oily skin are largely afflicted with acne. There is a lot of literature available, listing the methods of removing acne. In this article, we present a list of natural DIY remedies to see a marked difference in skin breakouts in a short span of days. At Xara Skin Clinic we have great skin care acne-fighting solutions for treating acne, acne skin, glycolic acid peels, cystic acne, and removing dead skin cells and acne scars. Long-term ways to get rid of excess oil and severe acne.

Here are some home remedies you could try:

#1 Cinnamon and Honey

Both cinnamon and honey have antimicrobial properties, which makes them an ideal combination to remove dangerous microbes from the skin and control acne breakouts. Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of natural Manuka honey. Manuka honey is found in the forests of New Zealand, and they are known to have amazing healing properties. Mix both and apply on the skin evenly. Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning. You will notice a marked difference in skin tone and the appearance of acne.

#2 Orange Juice and Peels

Orange has Vitamin C and ascorbic acid, which helps to keep the pimples at bay. Squeeze some juice from the orange and keep the peels. Watch your hands to avoid bacteria transfer and clean the face with a mild scrub. Rub the peels on the acne and dab them with orange juice. After an hour, wash the face with warm water and pat dry.

#3 Egg Whites

Eggs are cheap and available everywhere. The egg whites are full of amino acids and vitamins, which help to cure pimples, eliminate scars and rebuild the cells. Whisk egg whites from three eggs together and use your fingers to apply them to the skin. Let it dry and reapply again. Do this process four times and after the last application, wait for 20 minutes to wash off the egg whites mask. Massage a mild skin moisturiser.

#4 Strawberry and Honey

Most of the commercial applications for acne treatment contain salicylic acid and the same is present in strawberries naturally. The role of salicylic acid is to stimulate the upper layer of the skin to shed the dead cells, enabling the clogged pores to open and aiding the removal of bacteria. Mash three strawberries with two teaspoons of honey and blend them together. Wash your face with lukewarm water and spread the mashed mixture on the skin evenly. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off the mixture.

#5  Basil

Commonly used in cooking, basil is a known anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent which is effective in controlling the swelling of pimples. Research shows that some kinds of bacteria have become resistant to common antibiotics and basil is a cure for them. Lightly heat a handful of basil leaves in the saucepan and boil them. Let the boiled basil water cool before you strain out the leaves. Use a cotton ball to apply the basil water to the acne spots. Leave it for an hour and wash it off. The basil water can be refrigerated for five days.

#6 Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another common ingredient in commercial anti-acne formulations. The oil is a natural solvent that is effective in penetrating the skin through the extra sebum, working on the clogs and removing the dead cells. The oil has strong antibacterial properties. Do not use raw oil. Mix a portion of oil with nine portions of water. Clean your face with lukewarm water and use cotton balls to apply the oil solution to the skin. As before, leave it for some time and wash the face with water, and pat dry.

#7 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is in a lot of beauty products. The gel has antibacterial properties and helps to reduce swelling and redness. You can extract the gel directly from the aloe plant or buy one from the market. Apply the gel directly on the acne or mix it with tea tree oil or garlic oil for a better response.

These were some of the natural methods to treat acne scars. Try them out, and I am sure you will notice a marked difference in your skin. Note we don’t recommend benzoyl peroxide. Have a look at our fantastic skin care products in our shop.

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Are You Looking for best home remedies for acne prone skin #1
get rid of acne

Are You Looking for best home remedies for acne prone skin #1. In this article, we present a list of natural DIY skin care routine to see a marked difference in acne breakouts

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