Latest in fantastic hair removal for more skin type Sydney

Latest laser hair removal light hair dark skin Sydney

We just picked up our latest hair reduction machine and it is a beauty. It is the latest model and what we consider one of the best machines on the market today. We know our wonderful customers expect the safest and most effective treatments for most skins. That is what we will deliver with this machine.

Fantastic results

We know our current hair removal machine is a great machine and it delivers fantastic results. It only has one problem with skin tones and that’s it’s not as effective for white on blond hair and we can’t effectively treats customers with skin that is dark.

A gold standard hair removal machine for everyone

With this machine we will be able to more effectively treat customers with lighter hair colours. We will also be able to effectively treat darker skinned customers. How you may ask? This effective hair removal machine has three wavelengths, 755nm Alexandrite for lighter skinned customers, diode 800nm and 1064nm YAG for customers with skin that is darker.

Three wavelengths

Or all three wavelengths at once to target all parts of the hair. When we hit your hair with this beauty it will not know what hit it. The hair follicle will have the white flag up in no time. BTW this laser is also great for skin rejuvenation.

What is the process?

It is the same as our IPL hair removal. Please shave the area two days before your appointment to allow for a little hair growth. We cover the area will a cooling gel and fire the laser light at the hair. When we have covered the whole area, the treatment is complete.

The gel is removed, the area is oiled and it’s time to go. Stay out of the sun, swimming pool and avoid strenuous exercise or abrasion for a few days.

My first treatment

I have had my first treatment with the new machine, what does it feel like? Well nothing, just a slight warming or cooling when it is turned on, where the head is. I will update this post on how effective it is on white hair, that is the hardest hair to remove.

The latest removal of hair treatments, to remove unwanted hair by attacking hair follicles.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is this permanent hair reduction?

A. It is as permanent removal as the body allows, it’s great a poking a hair follicle where there has been none.

Wiki Hair Removal Laser

Why not call us for and ask for a package price, we offer discounts on full body treatments? Finally a laser for most skin types, safe and effective for darker skin types. While you are here, have a look at our specials for picosecond YAG laser tattoo removal, we have tattoo removal at really great prices.

Ingrown hairs

While we haven’t had an ingrown hairs customer, Google tells us this laser treatment will fix the problem. We are Sydney’s experts in skin treatments. So, why not book a free consultation today. You can book over the phone or online. What’s more there is plenty of mostly three hours free parking.

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A medical team or anti wrinkles injections are not required, we have much better treatments that give you a better outcome.

Great diode laser hair removal treatments

Safe effect removal of hair

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