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If you are looking in the mirror and thinking you look old? You are losing your hair, have fatty tissue you just can’t move. Or, your life has changed, and you need to search for a new partner. What if I told you we can make you look better and feel more confident? Does that sound like something that just a few hours might be a good investment?

I am close to sixty and people think I am close to forty and I don’t spend hours on myself each day. I would be lucky to spend five or ten minutes a day, including a shower and shave. Making yourself look younger and healthier is not a chore. Book a fight age option today and fight the signs of aging in our rejuvenation clinic.

Here are a few male-contouring treatment options

I have a cubby face – No problem HIFU can look after that, removing an amount of fatty tissue from the face can make the whole body look slimmer.

Double chin – This chin sculpting lift is another option that is well suited to HIFU, why not kill some fat cells today?

Body weight – we can help you eliminate fat from those hard-to-shift places, with our non-surgical procedures.

Loose skin – Our radio frequency skin lifting could do the trick for you.

My face makes me look old – Ask us about our exclusive fractional RF, RF and HIFU non-surgical facelift. This is safe and effective, it will take years off your look and last for years. I had a HIFU facelift and month or so ago and found my skin was tight for weeks. It’s not that it got loose it’s just that it felt tight and after a while, I got used to it.

I have;

Male man boobs – This is one for body sculpting freezing fat, laser liposuction for men and or HIFU. Why not get rid of some fat cells today?

Loose skin, fine lines – No problem, RF will fix that.

The muffin top – This is one for freezing fat cells, after most of the fat has gone from the treatment area, follow it up with HIFU. HIFU is very effective when there is so little fat that freezing fat is not effective.

I am losing my hair – Chemical-free shampoos are a good start along with pumpkin seed oil.

I can’t see my abs – If you are going to the gym and just can’t shift that last bit of fatty tissue, we can help you. With either EMS, freezing or HIFU. Electrical muscle stimulation must be the easiest way to get abs in no time.

I am so hairy – We have some great laser hair removal lasers and SHR machines. They have even done a rather good job at removing my white hair.

Hairy ears – Yes, laser hair removal results.

I have tattoos that embarrass me – No problem, we remove most with our laser tattoo removal in three to four treatments.

A body I hate – Try our male reduction contouring lift treatments.

If I have missed something, contact us, give us a ring or do it online.

Other options

  • body contouring excess fat body sculpting lift areas work
  • full achieve team goals recommend process thighs contour exercise
  • lift neck facial areas body contouring skin tightening
  • breast lift weight loss breast reduction breast lift

What we don’t do

  • plastic surgery, plastic surgeon range or breast augmentation
  • medical team medical grade cosmetic injectables fillers lip, why? Because, unlike injectables, our combat aging fixes the problem rather than hides it.
  • procedure medical team skin cancer gallery procedures

Wiki body shaping

A complimentary consultation, make a free consultation for men

Yes, you can still get some things for free, if you are not sure what you need come in and make a booking for a complimentary consultation.

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Men's bodies caring body contouring fight aging solutions near me
Mens body care body contouring shaping anti ageing treatments Sydney

Men's bodies caring body contouring fight aging solutions near me. Just because you are a man doesn't mean you don't want to look younger.

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