Hit and run from 79-83 Longueville Rd Lane Cove deadly

Almost a month ago the building next door 79-83 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove fell onto our balcony. Our clinic manager was waiting for a late client and was getting a little sun on the balcony. The late client turned up a she went inside. The side of the building then fell onto our balcony.

Our clinic manager could have been killed or badly injured. Bits of the build continued to fall for four days.

Even though the police, council and fire departments came out. Do you think we can get the building owner's detail? No. We finally managed to get the strata managing agents Verdun Walsh Strata Management weeks later, but do you think they will give us the owner's details? No.

A month ago we sent an invoice to the strata for damage and lost trade, a month later the invoice has not been paid.

Any suggestions?


The sky is falling on us run

Damage to the air con unit

As you can see from the air conditioning unit if that was damage to a person they could be in real trouble. We had a replacement planned for the facial boards for the last two months, which was delayed. I hate to think what would have happened if they started working with their power tools. If it came down to doing nothing surely the power tools would have caused it?

Four year worth of growth

It took four years for the planter boxes to fill out and seconds to crush them. I spoke to the restaurant owner Little Red Robin and he said he was walking away from the restaurant and heard a noise. Looked behind and saw the wall coming down, I think he brought a lottery ticket that day.

What if that was me wow could have killed me

Three years of growth crushed

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