Laser tattoo removal treatment after care what’s involved?

In most cases they are little or no after effects from the complete removal of a tattoo. We start most tattoo treatments with conservative settings, because everyone’s skin is different. After a tattoo removal laser session, your body may need time to recover and rebuild healthy skin. That is why it is highly recommended that customers avoid any vigorous activity for up to a few days.

Laser tattoo removal aftercare instructions

Of course, smaller tattoos require less downtime. However, in general, it is necessary that all tattoo treated areas go through a healing process to keep your skin protected and healing properly. It is important that an antibiotic dressing will need to be applied daily until the tattoo area heals.

Tattoo removal process laser treatments

Furthermore, your body is a given resting period for a minimum of 5 to 9 weeks between each tattoo session. This allows the body enough time to absorb and remove the tattoo pigment particles through its natural defence mechanisms and lymphatic system. You may experience certain unpleasant effects from removing a tattoo, most customers don’t.

Follow up and be consistent with your laser tattoo removal aftercare

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the most common after effects customers may experience. When having a unwanted tattoo removed and ways to help you minimise any discomfort:


Customers may experience scabs or blisters forming on the top layer of the derma, within or around the treated area.  This looks like a bubble but it is important that you don’t burst your blisters as it can result in an infection. Blisters are in fact your body’s way of protecting your derma from bacteria. The blistering can last around 3-5 days, but if it there is severe discomfort its best to contact your doctor and let us know.


Swelling is another potential effect and there are a few things you can do to reduce the swelling. You can apply ice to the area for around 10 minutes, with 5 minutes break in between. To help with the inflammation for larger tattoos on the torso, back and chest it is also best to avoid strenuous repetitive movements.  If you’re experiencing swelling on your arms and legs, keep them elevated to help with blood circulation. Larger tattoos can take up to 3 to 5 days before swelling dies down.


Experiencing redness directly after a laser tattoo removal session is normal as your skin is still very sensitive. It is caused by pinpoint bleeding within the derma and can last up to 72 hours.  If you start to see excessive amounts of blood, however, it is best to see a doctor and let us know. Avoid exercise and keep the skin under your dressing dry by patting off any sweat or water.  If you’re redness does not seem to be getting better within 7 to 10 days, see your doctor and contact us to let us know.


Itchiness can happen a few hours after a using a laser to remove a tattoo. It is normal for itchiness can last up to 6 weeks. It’s best not to scratch the affected area. However, if the itchiness becomes severe, see your doctor and let our clinic know.

Crusting, dryness and scabbing

Once the blisters have subsided, it is common to see crusting, dryness or scabbing start to form. Don’t pick at it. It’s best to leave your derma to heal on its own to avoid irritating it further. Remember to keep the area clean and dry and avoid sun exposure.


There is a risk of infection, if suspect an infection forming? Wash with a mild soap and apply hydrocortisone cream. Please seek medical assistance right away. Infections are characterised by increasing redness and pain. You may even start to notice a discharge of pus coming from a deep lesion within the derma.


In very rare cases there maybe some scar tissue forming, in most cases that can be addressed with other treatments.

Follow up and be consistent with your aftercare

It is crucial that customers are consistently following through their removal of their tattoo treatments process post treatment routine. This is crucial if you want to make your following treatments safe and to overall achieve a successful outcome. For the affected area to heal properly follow the advice of our clinicians and your GP and apply a dressing daily.

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Frequently aske questions can be found below

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Where is Xara’s?

Xara’s we specialise in providing the best derma laser services tailored to suit your specific skin type and skin problems. For more information please call us during the day at 02 9420 977 or 04325 90992.

Laser removal of tattoos treatment aftercare what’s involved?
unwanted laser tattoo effectively painlessly removal after care side effects

Laser removal of tattoos treatment aftercare what’s involved? We have put together a list of side effects you may encounter and how to treat them. Still not sure?

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Does it leave scarring?

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Most customers don’t actually develop scarring. But in case this does happen or you notice a minor textural change to your skin, Xara Skin Care Clinic can remove scars with Thermagie-CPT and other scar removal.

How long will it take to remove my tattoo?

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The speed of removal depends on several factors.  This includes the kind of colour and type of tattoo ink that was used and how deep the ink reaches into your skin.  Furthermore, each treatment can be 5 to 9 weeks apart to allow the skin enough time to heal between.

Does it hurt?

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It is relatively painless to get rid of a tattoo! Customers will only feel a type of sensation akin to a soft rubber band flick to the skin over. The treatment takes between 15 to 30m minutes depending on the size of the tattoo. And the good news is, getting it removed is much less pain less than getting a tattoo in the first place!

Tattoo removal process?

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Our highly trained technicians will conduct the removal process using a highly precise microsurgery technique called “selective photothermolysis”. This technique uses wavelengths of light at very high energy levels at an extremely short period of time to heat the specific tattoo pigmented tissue and shatters them into smaller ink particles. This gradually destroys them whilst the body’s immune system will work over several weeks to flush the ink out of your body. It is painless with the whole treatment is usually only lasting a few minutes. To find out more please call us at Xara's 02 9420 977 or 04325 90992.

Can I park?

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Yes, we have lots of parking for you.