The above photo is me, same day, a before and after of one twenty minute session of lipo laser
our machine, our clinic, real person 50+, no exercise, no photo shop

Top 10 benefits laser liposuction vs weight loss Sydney

Top 10 benefits laser liposuction vs weight loss Sydney –  Is body sculpting lipo laser a great loosing weight tool? I have tried body contorting fat freezing, fat cavitation and lipo laser. With our new laser liposuction machine I could see instant results in just 20 minutes. I saw my waist go from 108cm to 104 cm after just one session.

To put it in perspective, I am not an obese person. I have a large build from weight trained. At the time my abs where in hiding and I had man boobs. I am not going to the gym right now and I am not exercising. So considering the amount of fat in the area I am impressed at the results. I can see my abs.

Lipo Laser

The body sculpting treatment involves using a number of pads with strong LED lasers. Our machine, on the large pads has 13 lasers at 808nm  and 13 lasers at 650 nm. These are the best frequencies to remove fat cells. Our smaller pads have two at 650nm. Each laser diode is a strong 200mw. They can penetrate the skin to a depth of 13mm. We have ten large pads and four small ones. In other words it is the latest and the greatest.

Effective and safe

We could have got body sculping machines at a sixth of the price but they would not be as effective and safe.

Top 10 benefits of laser liposuction

  1. Results you can measure after one treatment
  2. Quick, it take half the time as fat freezing
  3. It can cover a large area in one treatment
  4. Effective at removing hard to move fat
  5. Great for killing fat cells for areas of the body
  6. You can lose cm’s after just one treatment
  7. It is safe, there is no risk of cold burns
  8. It’s like lying on the beach on a warm day
  9. No diet and exercise the pockets of fat are gone
  10. Double chin sculpting fat deposits gone
  11. Tummy tuck skin tightening
  12. You can have two treatments a week
  13. No gym, no sweat local fat reduction
  14. It’s safe and non-invasive

Draw backs

The pads are flat, the body is not. It can be hard to place the pads onto some areas.

Laser liposuction vs loosing weight

Body contouring laser liposuction is a safe and effective alternative to the traditional methods of fat reduction. It’s great at spot fat removal. When I was going to the gym I could not get rid of my fat beneath my belly button. With laser liposuction I could. It’s great at moving that fat you just can’t move. The manufactures claim up to a 30% reduction in fat after a 20 minute treatment.

I use it

After trying it myself I believe it, I am almost sixty and I can see my abs. My preferred method would be laser liposuction, until I have close to the results I want. Then cavitation to remove the rest and tighten the skin.

What we don’t do

  • surgical tummy tuck
  • plastic surgery no plastics here
  • breast augmentation cosmetic surgery
  • the diet and exercise for you

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Top 10 benefits loosing weight vs laser liposuction Sydney
Top 10 benefits laser liposuction vs weight loss Sydney

Top 10 benefits loosing weight vs laser liposuction Sydney, a great page to read about our 3rd generation laser liposuction. Great results in a safe and effective treatment.

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