The above photo is a before and after of fat freezing followed by fat cavitation the same day, real person, no exercise, no photo shop

Top 10 benefits of fat freezing Sydney loose weight fast

Fat freezing vs weight loss –  Top 10 benefits of fat freezing. Are you not sure what treatment is most effective for weight loss? If you ask me which is the best and most effect fat loss treatments I would say it depends. If you asked me two weeks ago I would have said fat freezing or fat cavitation. Now, after getting our 3rd generation laser liposuction machine I would say, generally laser liposuction. Now why do I say generally, well they all work differently can can be more effective for different people.

Fat freezing

The unwanted fat treatment takes between 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

  • We place a high quality fat freeze membrane on the area
  • A fat freezing cup is applied to area and suction is applied
  • Under computer control the machine heats the area to the area to improve circulation
  • Cooling and heating is applied for the duration of the treatment
  • Post treatment, we massage the area to improve circulation


Over a period of a few weeks the body removes the dead fat cells. The results are fat loss of between 20 and 25% in the treatment area **.

Top 10 benefits of fat freezing

  1. Great results after a few weeks
  2. No gym, no training
  3. Spot fat removal
  4. Gets rid of fat where you want it gone
  5. Moves fat from stubborn or hard to move areas
  6. No dieting
  7. It’s a safe and effective treatment to remove fat
  8. It’s not painful
  9. No risk of sports injuries
  10. It’s low cost

Draw backs

You need a reasonable amount of fat for it to be effective. Poor quality fat freeze membrane can results in marking of the skin from cold burns. We use top quality membranes to prevent this happening.

Loose weight fast

Compared to the traditional method of weight loss, dieting, work outs etc. Fat freezing cool sculpting treatment is the easy road to fat reduction and is a fantastic way to remove stubborn fat.  It helps if you are exercise, so the body doesn’t use the dead fat cells to create new fat cells. Fat freezing cool sculpting procedure is an effect method of removing unwanted fat cells rather than just shrinking the fat cells. It is quick compared to going to the gym. It is effective.

Top 10 benefits of fat freezing Sydney loose weight fast.

** These are manufacturers claims not ours, our experience confirms the manufacturers claims. Different people get different results.

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