Cryolipolysis fat freezing removal Sydney non invasive surgical

If you have hard to shift stubborn pockets of fat that just doesn’t move, why not do something about it? There is no point in doing the same exercises and nothing changes.

Why not come and see us and let us remove the fat while you relax, read a book or listen to music? Doesn’t that seem a better approach?

There are basically three different approaches to non-surgical body sculpting fat reduction.

Freeze it

This includes body sculpting freezing fat, Cryolipolysis, coolsculpting and many other names for freezing fat. Come on why not call a pen a pen?

They all work on the same principle; fat has a higher freezing point than skin and muscle.

What non-invasive body shaping cryolipolysis, cool sculpting and freezing fat controlled cooling is enough to kill the fat cells but not enough to damage other cells.

Where does it go

Where to the dead cells go, well the lymphatic system does the hard yards. We can even treat double chin.

Tricky, what would be do without science?

Spend hours sweating in the gym and getting no benefit. Non-surgical fat loss made easy, without diet and exercise.

Radio Frequency skin tightening treatments

These treatments include body contorting  fat cavitation, HIFU, RF fat removal and a few others. What they do is beat the fat cell walls to such an extent that they rip open and thus killing them.

Wow, a fat cell in the boxing ring getting the stuffing punched out of it. The non-surgical fat loss treatments work in slightly different ways.

But essentially, they break up the unwanted fat cell walls. A bit like a voice can break a glass.

Laser body sculpting

This again has a few names, lipo laser, laser liposuction and many more. What this does is it uses heat to kill the fat cells. This non-surgical fat removal treatment essentially melts the fat in the treatment plan treated area.

Which kills the fat cell and the body removes the dead cell. It feels a bit like lying on a beach, what a great way to remove fat and relax.

What are the side effects?

I have had all treatments and the only real side effect I notice is I poo more than normal. If your body can’t use the dead fat cells, they got to go somewhere.

Non surgical fat removal made easy for you and simple to understand. Why not let our machines do the hard work for you? We offer you a free consultation.

Frequently asked Questions

Q – Is this weight loss after freezing fat? A – It depends some people gain weigh if they build more muscle. I find weight is not a good indicator of fat, you are better to look or measure. Just about all loose fat, if you are eating too much you will help the remaining fat cells get larger.

Q – Is this a cellulite treatment? A- Yes, it is a great cellulite treatment skin care treatment.

Q – Does freezing fat actually work for fat, outer thighs and love handles? A – It works for me; I generally see the need to tighten of my belt in a few days.

Q – How many sessions of freezing fat treatment do I need? A – How long is a piece of string? It depends on where you are starting from and where to want to get to.

Confused, then just book a fat removal free consultation. Book an appointment today.

We will work out a treatment plane, treatment area what if feels like, diet and exercise, am I suitable etc.

No medical grade anti wrinkle injections dermal fillers to be found here.

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