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If you don’t know light therapy does or what results you can expect, then this blog is for you. For a start all LED light therapy treatments are not equal. The machines can start from almost nothing and achieve almost nothing. There are so many machines on the market, trying to sound good and promise effective treatments. Our machine has hundreds of high intensity blue and red high intensity LED at 415 – 425 nm and 630 – 700 nm respectively. So, much so you will need an eye cover and be able to feel the light penetrating the skin.

Red Light

Is great for simulating collagen as it penetrates the skin to 8 to 10 mm, makes the skin more elastic and smooth. Most customers can see a marked improvement of the skin after treatments and for weeks to come. It’s great as an anti-ageing treatment, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, stimulating hair regrowth and more.

Blue Light

Blue light is very effective in attacking bacteria and is used in many treatments, such as acne where in a case study 86% of the participants experiences a 74% reduction in acne. We use it in our hair regrowth treatments and in many facials.

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Rather than regenerating some great articles about the benefits of LED light therapy I have posted the links, so you can read them in full.  They really are well written, so I would not like to butcher them.

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So next time you are asked if you would like LED light therapy with your treatment say yes.