What is HIFU deals Sydney High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

What is HIFU deals Sydney High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is one of the latest of fat killing treatments and skin tightening treatments. It uses focused ultra sound to target areas under the skin. This energy is focused at different depths depending on the head used. This means the energy is focused on the area to be treated. It can penetrate under the skin from as little at 1.5 mm to 18 mm, which is deep.

This means the treatment is tailored to what is being treated and is great for body shaping. Our machine is one of the latest which means we can use up to 11 lines in one shot. On the machine you can see the machine firing the shots, shot by shot line by line. It’s no wonder a single head can only do 20,000 shots, it really busy. 20 shots per line up to 11 lines.

What does it feel like?

Most of the time there is little feeling, occasionally you get a little pin prick type sensation when there is little fat in that area.

What results can you expect?

Generally, you can see results straight away, unlike fat freezing. You can then expect to see more over the next few months.

What does Xara Skin Clinic do?

We like to combine HIFU with fractional RF and RF, we feel this gives the best results. There are areas that we can not use HIFU to treat, such as next to bone, where we can use Fractional RF and RF. Our aim is to give our customers the safest and most effective treatments. Because we have so many machines we can do what other clinics cannot and get you the results you deserve. We have some great deals on HIFU now at our Sydney Clinic.

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