Non-surgical Boob jobs how does it work I must increase my bust!

These two bulbous fats in the chest, the mammary glands usually known as breasts hold so much allure for the human species. As one anthropologist, Owen Lovejoy speculated, human breasts have evolved for sexual reasons. Breasts are crucial for pair bonding and are seen as a signal that well-endowed women are considered nutritionally advantaged in terms of childbearing and breast milk production.

Humans particularly men have viewed breasts as sexually attractive. Well-endowed chests and cleavages are flaunted everywhere- from the billboards, music and TV!

And women can only look back at their teenage life and how small breasts made them feel less confident. It is no surprise then that breast enlargement is considered a dream for women. It is not just the enlarged boob, but the added appeal and confidence.

There are two ways of doing it nowadays- through surgery by putting implants or through non-invasive means. This treatment is not breast augmentation, it is also a breast lift treatment.

If you are too scared of putting breast silicone implants and the high risk associated with them, we recommend you take the non-invasive way.  The U.S Food and Drug Administration has made a long list of risks of breast implants[1] that includes but are not limited to breast pain, tissue atrophy or shrinking of the breast skin, hematoma, infection such as toxic shock syndrome, swollen lymph nodes, rupture of the implant. Breast implants are not lifetime devices too, so you would need to have the implant removed or replaced.

[1]  US FDA (2018)URL : Search Accessed on 18 Feb 2019

For non-invasive breast enlargements, you can have five ways to do it with fewer risks: (1) using nutritional supplements and natural products, (2) special suction cup bras and/or vibration massage, (3) fat grafting, (4) RF treatment and (5) a combination of all of these.

Food supplements, breast-enhancing creams, gels, lotions and essential oils that contain phytoestrogens and natural herbs such as motherwort, chasteberry, black cohos and Mexican yam are your au naturel way. Some even take the essential oils together with a breast massage. Or in Thailand, breast slapping is also being used.

The second option is the breast enlarging suction cup device known as the Brava Bra using a dome with a 20mmHg vacuum exerting pressure on the breast tissue and it needs to be worn for at least 10 hours per day within 2 months period. There are also 220v waterproof, silent vibration massagers that can be worn in your bra or a device that uses vibration motions stimulating breast muscle growth.

The reviews are mixed. Online women’s forums said effects are highly noticeable after months of consistent massage, while some claimed the effects are temporary wherein boob enlargement wore off over the years.

The fat grafting technique is removing fat tissue from one part of your body, usually from the hips, thighs, and tummy and injecting it into your breasts through liposuction. While this is not considered a ‘major surgery’ unlike the implant in the breast, the procedure can take around four hours and the healing process will be around 2- 3 weeks. There are no large clinical studies conducted on women who underwent this process, so the safety profile is not yet known. One disadvantage, however, is the injected fat can be lost by necrosis or tissue death or through reabsorption of the body fat.

The Radio Frequency treatment uses a 5MHZ heat-generated RF to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, to remove cellulite and tighten loose skin. This is amazing for enhancing normal-sized and sagging breasts to help achieve a rounder firmer appearance. Results vary depending on the number of RF treatment sessions one undertakes.

For optimal results, the finest option would be to combine two or three of these non-invasive treatments.


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I need a larger boobs!

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For Xara Skin Clinic, the no-surgery non-invasive way for breast enhancement involves vibration and suction massage, RF treatment and our signature all-natural breast creams.

We won’t promise an immediate cup increase D/E, but we will show YOU great results and our competitive prices.

Message us for your appointment and consultation for the superb non-invasive breast enhancement treatment that will suit your physique.

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Non-surgical boob job how does it happen I must expand mine
Non surgical Boob jobs how does it work

Non-surgical boob job how does it happen I must expand mine! If you are looking at increasing your boob size, why not book in for a free consultation?

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